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IROC series with '60s 1/32 cars

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  • IROC series with '60s 1/32 cars

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    All total I purchased 36 of these Strombecker Matra Sport and BRM Can Am cars. They are from the mid '60s and are all new old stock. They all have the same chassis and only one gram difference in body weight.
    The idea is to use them for a IROC series.
    The reason for so many is that I'm quite sure exact replacement parts are pretty scarce. So many will end up as parts cars for the intended 10 that will actually race.
    They are low detail bodies so not a lot of little parts to get broken off and they were designed as no magnet cars and hold the track very well.
    There are numerous opertunities to learn tuning and refinment techniques, trueing the wheels and tires etc...
    So far on my small test track the performance is almost identical from car to car. Ones that were slower have so far been limited to simple tuning to get back where they should be.
    In the one picture you can see what they look like painted and new numbers.
    I'll update when we actually start to race later in the year.

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    That should make for a fun group to race!


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      Looks like FUN time! Enjoy! -- Ernie


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        I've decided on a layout for our track.
        It's Carrera Evolution track,.
        All straights are standard and all curves are 1/60's.
        It measures just over 32 feet and fits on two 4 x 8 sheets.

        Picture is shown with boarders that I don't currently have.
        I would love to have the real Carrera boarders but more than
        likely will have to make them, a little less cost 🙂

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        Here is the track in it's current state, all packed up and ready for the flight over seas. 😁

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          New additions to our upcoming IROC series racing.

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            Just a quck upate.
            The cars, track and myself have made it to SE Asia safe and sound.
            We are now creating a play space under our patio for the track.
            Proably a week or two and we will be turning some laps. 🙂

            Here is a picture of my first racing buddy Jon Jon
            Click image for larger version

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              Looks like you're making a friend for life. Good job...

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            Track update 🙂
            The track has been up two days now in it's "perminate" configuration. 🙂 They all are a work in progress right?

            3/4" plywood on some table frames I through together, the Lord knows I never claimed to be a carpenter.

            Layout is not real technical and has a long back side straight, it's working out pretty well so far. I made the boarders out of 1/2" plywood and sanded down about 1/32" to make a smooth transition from the track. Still have more boarders to make.

            Timing system is Race Coordinator. Can't say whether it better or worse than any other. But I can say I'm am very impressed by the commitment of Paul at Viasue and Dave at Race Coordinator both guys are extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you guys!!
            Lap times are between 5 and 6 seconds.

            And I just love the old Polistil cars, they run very even and hold the track well even at 12 volts. Controllers are Parma 45ohm and also work well.

            Power supply is variable and was put together from parts off Amazon for somewhere around $25 total. Power supply is connected to a 12v 7ah gel cell.

            Here is some pics, thank you for any comments, tips or criticism you may have. I'm having a blast 🙂
            Click image for larger version

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