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Revell/Monogram Lola Mk1 - Larger Rear Tires to Solve Spur Gear Problem (PGT 22126)

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  • Revell/Monogram Lola Mk1 - Larger Rear Tires to Solve Spur Gear Problem (PGT 22126)

    I run box stock cars and always liked the R-M Lola Mk1s. These are very fast on Scaley track! As you all know, the problem with these cars is the large spur gear is nearly the same size as the stock rear tires, and as your stock tires wear out (and reduce in diameter), the spur gear touches the track surface during operation. I faced this problem recently and I did not want to get into a complex rebuild of axles and gears, so I reached out to Paul Gage to see if he had larger aftermarket tires that fit this car, and are large enough in diameter to raise the car and prevent the spur gear from touching the track surface. Sure enough he does, and I ordered a couple of pairs of the Paul Gage Tires PGT 22126 and they work great. These aftermarket tires fit the wheel hub and nicely fill out the rear wheel arches and are larger diameter than the stock tires so they provide the ground clearance for the spur gear. In fact, I think these tires fill out the rear wheel arches better than the stock tires. Here is a pic of my Dan Gurney R-M Lola with the new PGT tires. The close up pic shows the nice ground clearance on the spur gear that these larger tires provides.

    Note - if you like to run magnets like I do, the larger tires raise the car and reduces the magnetic traction. This can be corrected by unscrewing the magnet holder under the car and shimming the magnet lower in the holder with a small rectangle of 1mm thick plastic and reattaching the magnet holder.

    If you are running these cars in their stock condition, you may want to consider this as your tires wear out. Cheers RvE

    PS - the front and rear tire markings are my most recent obsession and these "Goodyear" markings are aftermarket decals from Indycals.
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