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Looking for a PC Lapcounter power user

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  • Looking for a PC Lapcounter power user

    Hi. I bought/downloaded a licensed PC Lapcounter several years ago, and only got to use it for a couple races, hooked up to my 1/24 scale 3 lane Scalextric layout, before I lost the space, had to box up the track, and the laptop on which the RMS was loaded lay dormant.

    I'd use it intermittently through the years when setting up the track at slot car shows.

    Never really used it often enough to become a power user. I've now committed to set the track up at Lotus Owners Gathering 41 in Canaan Valley WVA in September (there will be 300+ Lotus cars there, as well as several of the new Emiras and the President of Lotus).

    So I set up a layout today on my LR floor to re-familiarize myself with PC LapCounter. I have to reteach myself how to use/set it up every time.

    First didn't turn track power on. Then it did, but didn't count laps. Although it timed laps in the Trackmate interface. Turning the power on after countdown, and trackmate timing laps behind the scenes, tells me the deadstrips, and connections to the phidget and trackmate are working ok.

    THEN it started counting and timing laps in PC Lapcounter.

    The problem. I set up a test race, giving it a 1 minute heat with one segment. Counts down, starts the race, counts the laps, times each lap...but does not actually time the race. The display doesn't count it down, and it doesn't go off after one minute. It functions more like a practice session. In race settings, I have turned off practice and qualifying sessions, still no go.

    My nominal experience with PCL is that I've overlooked a setting somewhere. Any insights would be helpful.


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