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What do you do with your left over MDF?

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  • What do you do with your left over MDF?

    Was kicking the idea of displaying my cars on to of the glass collectable cabinet, and looked at the Lucky bobs display planchet, and thought about this...
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    Instead of throwing away that $EXPEN$IVE$ MDF I cut out about 30 pieces to display my cars!

    T.R. Raceway
    Toms River NJ

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    Don’t have leftovers it all gets used for something or other
    Good idea I like it 👍
    Peterborough Ont


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      Save most all scraps big enough to at least make a set up block. Smaller pieces 6X4 and smaller also make a good basesfor silicone molds. Add a glue gun and free postal boxes and you can make most any size mold box.
      Matt B
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        Years ago, when we made tracks from 3/4" MDF, I sandwiched two slabs together and made an electric guitar. I did all the cutouts on one slab, and left the back almost alone. I bought a neck and put it all together. Sounded like solid metal, not in a good way. So, it hung on the wall for years, and I slowly took parts off it for other projects. When I needed the neck, that was it. In the trash it went. I think the neck would have torn off if it had strings on it all the time.


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          I used the excess when joining the track back together (had to cut a few inches each way to get enough braid to drop for tie-in) to display some four-packs of cars temporarily on the infield areas. You can see them in my posts/videos.
          BUT...I suppose it depends on how often you run your cars. I'd be skeptical of flat spots if leaving long term in any display without putting cars up on a central 'jack stand', as opposed to leaving them notched in the slot too long and having all 4 tires resting on whatever surface.
          Otherwise, table retaining walls and other strange scenery walls are where my extra mdf has been/will be used.
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            Another racer had some MDF left over from building a track. I don't have a 1/32nd track, so I used the MDF to build a diorama that I can pose my cars on.


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              Like I said before It's all about the scenery!
              Nice Rich!

              T.R. Raceway
              Toms River NJ