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How to Adjust 1/32 RTR Chassis?

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  • How to Adjust 1/32 RTR Chassis?

    So I’m “building” my first car using a 3D printed AMC Gremlin body. I never built a chassis so I settled on a 1/32 RTR Inline chassis. I’m fairly new but I feel like it’s fairly obvious for me to figure out how to shorten the wheelbase to fit the body, but I’m wondering if there are any diagrams/videos/threads on how to adjust and tweak these chassis? I thought it was possible to narrow the wheel base but maybe Im wrong. Is there a way to do that? If yes are there any resources that show how to make general adjustments? Thanks in advance!

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    The RTR chassis (HRS and HRS2) are some of the wider chassis available for fitting to existing bodies and may not be suitable for adapting to narrow bodies. Narrowing the wheel "track" is accomplished through the use of appropriately sized (width) wheels and whether or not they are "hubless" or have hubs. After that, adjust with spacers, if required, and suitable axle length. Since you are using the inline version there is more room to get narrow in the rear, than if you were using the sidewinder configuration.