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Hobbit Racing Park - track testing night

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  • Hobbit Racing Park - track testing night

    We bookend 20yrs at Le Mans here, from a mostly modern era, with a stop, nearly halfway. The 1991 breathtaking beauty, and pure underdog with a bark unmatched, taking a well earned victory in that argyle. I mean, any time I see that car, real, scale, whatever, I'm like a moth to a flame. Then the Weissach test car, in a great beer homage, and a pure performer in 1998 even though not a race livery here. I can look at that car from any angle and it's memorizing just how right the Porsche engineers got it. Finally to 2011, where albeit not the race winning livery, but the race winning technology is shown off, right before they went all e-tron on us, still making fools of the competition for a few years. The #3 was taken out in a classic tangle of LMP1 vs. GTE gone wrong if I recall...that never ends well, and it didn't finish, but man, the freakin' yellow just pulls you into to those racing lines.

    In the end, this wasn't only a trip down memory lane, that maybe you all just took as well, but to get a gauge, put high-end cars on the track at Hobbit Racing Park that are race proven (see WER race results​​), and be sure the track is ready for competitive racing.

    Not that slot car progression in 'year of car' progresses the same way it does in 1:1 scale racing, but in this case, the gauntlet has been laid down by the Audi, short of maybe an NSR GT for some, or a Thunderslot edging another tenth or so faster.
    The track is ready, constant conductivity and Trackmate proven in quality working order by these gems. We have top-end speed with great handling cars, that were actually the progression of a real series too, pretty cool.

    In our case, the Mazda 787b was 'loud' (ok, not really) and making her way, setting an excellent podium level pace, easily to be right on pace with top GrpCs. However, the Porsche 911GT1, due to perhaps marginally better handling, maybe due to traveling slightly lower in height, edged the Mazda by hundredths. It too will be right there for the GT HP class. Then it was ultimately the NSR Audi R18 LMP that still proves why it's just a joy to drive with such ease, a tenth faster than it's competitors in this unofficial competition (at least when the driver pays full attention... red lane seemed to take quite some time to overtake the Porsche's time- all three of these cars in red, oh look out). These are top end LMP times shown that the club racers will be happy to see. I don't believe this car has ever missed an LMP podium.

    This is the testing that shows me Hobbit Racing Park is ready to start running some club races! I have some administrative work as race director ahead of me, but stay tuned here and to the YouTube channel, we've never been closer to getting back to the action!
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