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Odd experiment with LVJ

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  • Odd experiment with LVJ

    I have an experiment in mind with an LVJ Champ chassis : Does anyone know if it's possible to build a scale car using the LVJ Champ chassis, but using a regular 3/32 axle and wheels ? Maybe using some special 1/4"x 3/32" bushings ? And if that is possible, what about gear mesh or pitch ? I figure this is likely 'way more trouble than it's worth, but I wanna know, anyway ! I have my reasons. Thanks, in advance.

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    Soldering in some 1/4 x 3/32 oilites is straighforward.......just make sure you use an axle through both bushings when soldering to align them.

    As far as mesh issues, there will be no difference than when using an 1/8 axle and 1/4 x 1/8 oilites. You have options with pitch, can use a 48P pinion and Crown, or .5 module pinions and Crowns , .5 module is the pitch that is found on most current plastic car stuff (Slot-it, NSR, Scaleauto Scaley etc.) not mix 48P with .5 module.

    Chris Walker


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      I should have known, YOU would know !! Thank you so much, and now I think I'll give that project a shot !

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    I bought several (4?) LVJ chassis and parts to build some with 1/8 axles and some with 3/32 axles. At the time I was planning on building some 1:32 scale sprint cars but haven't done so yet. What put the brakes on the project was finding motors that worked in the LVJ chassis which have older format motor screw patterns than the Predator motors I bought. However, I found some Professor Motor Hot Rod motors (PMTR1500) I bought years ago I think will work, and I also found some unused 16D Parma Womp motors from my commercial track days that should fit.

    But, will 16D motors work with a home adjustable power supply (PS-26KX) and are they compatible enough with Predator motors to both be used in the same series?


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      You may find that your power supply does not adequately power your Parma commercial motors. Try one or two & see how well they run. An alternative might be to just solder in one of the newer FK motors into the LVJs. You could also make & solder an adapter to the LVJ motor mount that had the horizontal mounting screw holes of FK cans.

      Someone mentioned 48 pitch gears for 3/32" axles. To my knowledge, 48 pitch crown gears with a 3/32" bore are not available commercially. I believe you would have to use ones with a 1/8" bore & sleeve them down with 3/32" brass or aluminum tubing. I stand corrected, Koford & Red Fox make 26T-28T 48 pitch crowns for 3/32" axles used in retro racing.
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        You can add Mid America to the list of those that make 48P Crowns for 3/32 axles

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      It's not hard to solder an FK 180 into an LVJ. It's not hard to drill alternate screw holes. I usually solder and screw motors into brass chassis.
      Matt B
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        Parma sold "home set" 16D motors that you could use. Like most other Parma products those have become hard to find, but I believe that there are some listed on ebay.