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  • Spirit Peugot 406

    This pretty old stuff, but I just got back into slot cars a year or so ago and lots of what is old is new to me. I am always looking for new brands to try as better brands have very limited model selection. I found this Spirit Peugot 406 for $30 and couldn't find anything bad being said about them, so I figured it was worth a try.

    Here is the good:
    The body is very nicely done. A little heavy and the spoiler is plain. But, otherwise very nice.
    The chassis is plain and simple, but it's flat and has a pod that has some adjustments and there is some front wheel height adjustment
    Front wheels are plastic, but they pretty easily.

    Here is the bad:
    The rear wheel assembly is crap. Wheels and axle aren't true and gear is attached to the wheel. Just replace the entire thing (axle, wheels, tires and gear).
    The motor and bearings are not held in place very well, lots of movement. Definitely needs reinforcement.
    The guide isn't deep enough for an MDF track. A Sloting deep wood guide requires some body modes to fit, nothing major though.
    It's really noisy!

    General observations:
    With just replacing the guide and putting some silicone tires on the crappy plastic wheels, the car performed reasonably well. A decent rear axle assembly should help a lot.
    The motor feels weak. It's a long can and I have others, so no big deal.

    I'll probably look for a few more of these. I figure $60 - $70 gives me a pretty good car.
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    They can be tuned to run very fast and smooth. Click image for larger version

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      We may differ on what constitutes fast and smooth. It appears to have the potential to be pretty smooth with decent wheels and tires. But, it is 1.5 seconds slower than my good cars. Wheels and tires aren't going to make that up.


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        You may need a motor/gear change. Mine runs with the NSRs and Slot Its. Its wide stance helps a lot.


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          That is what I was hoping to accomplish. It has nice dimensions and the flat chassis makes it easy to add lead. Plus it doesn't seem to need very much.

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        A few years ago the Spirit "Pug" 406 ( particularly the "Silhouette version" ) was THE car to have for club racers competing in touring car series/proxies .....well sorted/tuned it is vey fast and smooth, but, the fast and smooth part has always been largely the responsibility of the builder.

        "Pugs" were still winning most of the touring car proxies up until a couple of years ago when they became quite difficult to find.......if you can find them, they are still tough to beat.

        Chris Walker
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          I love these cars, both versions.
          Steve G
          Detroit Suburbia


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            These can be made very difficult to beat as they have one huge advantage over usual Saloons (to be fair these aren't Saloons at all but single seater silhouette racers)...they're 64mm wide.

            ...🤔 hmmm...I must get one of mine back on the workbench
            Kevan - Isle of Man
            Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜