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  • Jumping back in with both feet!

    Like many of us I played with slot cars, HO scale as a child. In the late 80's and through the 90's I managed to put together a nice collection of HO cars from 65 to about 2000. I had about 150 cars when I sold them all around 2008. Fast forward to 2022 and a friend posted on FB about a routed 4 lane wooden track for sale locally. It was able to run 1/32 or 1/24 scale cars and I didn't give it much thought until another co-worker suggested we go look at it.

    Why I asked, neither of us has room at our homes for it. Let's just go look he tells me.

    So we bought it a few hours later. Somewhere in the course of time I had acquired 2 1/32 scale cars, a Monogram Daytona Coupe, and a Scalextric Boss 302 #15, my favorite car of all time. We still had the issue of where to put it but we soon solved that by convincing our bosses that we could use it as a training tool at work. We are both driving instructors and it made perfect sense to us. A room was secured at work, permission granted, and we soon had our track in our possession. Before we could take it to its new home we decided to take it to my friend's shop and re-work much of the support under the track as it wasn't to our standard. My co-worker was a carpenter by trade earlier in life so we have done much work over the last month or so getting it ready. We should have it completed in a few weeks. I'll try to update this thread with pics of the project soon.

    In the meantime I constructed a track in my garage at home. It's a 12'by 12' "L" shaped track that I call Slippery Point. I built a shelf along two walls in the garage to use as a table but lately my thoughts have turned to maybe a 8'x16' table using my "half" of the 2-car space..... I use it to test and tune cars, many cars. What started as 2 cars is now up to 22 cars with 4 more arriving at various times this month. I decided to focus my attention on 66-72 Trans Am cars which means mostly Scalextric and Pioneer cars. First thing I do is remove magnets, lube the car, and true the tires as best I can. My next project is wiring my Scalextric analog track for a DC power supply and Professor Motor controllers.

    Anyway, I look forward to learning from those on the forum and hope I can contribute as well.

    See ya!

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    Exciting progress Slayer. You can easily add a DC power supply and connect it directly to the Scalextric Power Base inputs if you make up the powering cable with the right connectors to match the power base. Going from memory, I think they are 'RCA connectors' that mate with the power base. Professor Motor makes controllers that also plug in directly to the power base. Here is a photo of what I have done. I am told the Scalextric power base has diodes that may burn up if too much current is drawn, but I have used this set up for over 10 years with no problems.
    Note - I also added the Scalextric ARC lap timing system by simply removing the internal powering jumpers within the ARC base (you can google this for details). So now the ARC track section can be added anywhere on the track. I am a huge fan of this simple timing system that interfaces to your phone. Good luck with your modifications.
    Click image for larger version

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    Toronto, Ontario


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      Where are you located?
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        Welcome! Another one goes down the rabbit hole! You will want better cars and better controllers and individual power supplies and Trackmate and on and on....


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          Isn’t it great to feel like a kid again 🤪
          Peterborough Ont


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            Ralph, thanks for the tips. I too have the ARC system but it no longer times the cars so I added the Carrera 2-4 lane timer. So far that one is working just fine. My plan is to bypass the Scalextric power base completely. I ordered Slot Car Corner's 2 lane wiring system and switched controller stations. I like the idea of running the track both directions.

            4380r, I am in the Richmond VA area.

            And I ordered another car when I got home. Parnelli should have his 1970 partner George Folmer with him right?


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              Howdy! You are in an area that has several 1/32 enthusiasts. There are several 1/32 Home layouts that are commercial grade or better with active clubs. IHSR in with tracks in PA,MD, WV (or use to ), and No.Va area. CRL in the DC sububs, and MASC in VA and MD. Then there is the Barnburners Club in Williamsburg that races in Tuesday nights.

              MASC and Barnburners run a Trans Am class that is right up your alley.

              Here are a few photos from the races. PM me if you want to know more and want to join us sometime.

              Trans Am Winner by starfighterace, on Flickr

              IMG_5346 by starfighterace, on Flickr

              IMG_5348 by starfighterace, on Flickr

              rans Am Field by starfighterace, on Flickr

              There was a club in Sandston area. Maybe this is the track you purchased?
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                Welcome! I'm in the Richmond area, too. Our group changed to all modern NASCAR, and then broke up (without me). But several of us are still around from before the group changed. I'm all 1/32nd these days, I haven't built anything 1/24th in years, and I sold all my HO. My home track is down for a while while I am reorganizing my woodshop to clear some things out. I'm 71, so it takes me longer to get big jobs like that done, but I'm around, and I can help with non-digital slot car stuff.


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                  Welcome! I'm in Williamsburg VA and race at Barn Burners SCC. Our Tuesday night races are on hiatus for the summer, but we have a big open house scheduled on Saturday, July 23rd in conjunction with the local British Car club. We're located at 6623 D Richmond Road (a storefront in a small shopping center on the west side of town). Please join us if you can, and bring your Trans Ams.


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                    Hey Squireslayer, Just getting started again myself. Love your story and I'm anticipating seeing you guys progress. I just love that you got it worked into your shop as a training tool that's awesome.


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                      Welcome back to the hobby SS and that’s an awesome boss to let ya bring that into the work place
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                      Warren, Ohio


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                        Any updates on track reconstruction? Pics?
                        Rick Davis
                        Williamsburg Va.


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                          Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I will try to update with some pics of the 4 lane track when I get home today, it is coming along nicely and we plan to start laying braid this Monday. I have wired my home track since my first post and it is working great. Still using the Carrera timing system but may switch to a Traqmate soon. I also may have a 2 lane wood track coming to my house to live for a while. My partner in the 4 lane had purchased the 2 lane a few years ago and decided it should stay in my garage on loan so I don't have to race on plastic.

                          Oh, and my collection of cars now exceeds 30 Trans Am cars as well as a few other LeMans racers from the 60's and early 70's and one more on the way...


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                            Click image for larger version

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