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  • Back to the hobbie :)

    As child of course and as early as 2008 - 11 I was pretty active in slot cars at home.
    There haven't been commercial tracks around my neck of the woods for many years, maybe late 80's early 90's you might see something set up at the mall.
    In 2008 I got started in 1:43 and was really active on HRW 1:43 forum for almost 4 years.
    Then mom made put the track away I've recently retired and now I get to play again!

    It's been a crazy couple of months, I'm graduating into 1:32 and am simply having a blast.
    I had really forgotten how much fun I had with slots and how much they make me feel like a kid again, it really is fun isn't it.

    Anyway, although I haven't forgotten everything I thought I knew I am sure to be asking a lot lot of questions and hope to get involved here and make some friends.


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    I know how you feel! I rediscovered slot cars about 1 1/2 years ago, after an absence of 50 years. I forgot sooo much! But, in the end it hasn't changed very much. Except the cars have gotten an lot nicer and silicone tires are really great! I still have not recovered the scratch building skills I used to have and I probably never will.


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      Welcome back to the hobby Joe. I came back due to where I live said they were going to start slot racing. Well they bought a Carrera digital track and all of my NSR,, etc. cars are analog. No wood tracks in the area that run analog so I just check in here to see what all of the rest of the guys/gals are up to. Good luck



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        Originally posted by Bal r 14 View Post
        I forgot sooo much!
        I doubt you forgot anything, there's just so much more to learn now-a-days with advancements in slot cars and computer operated lap counters and timers. Back in the 60's the only way you could tell how fast your car was was to race against everyone else. There was no test and tune looking for a thousands of a second.

        Butch Dunaway
        Oxford, Ohio


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          Thanks to forums like HRW we can share thoughts and inspire each other. I buy rather than build cars these days, but even though there are some age related limitations I know I could still scratch build cars with practice. The great thing about slot car racing, just like model railroading, is it's only limited by our imagination and creativity.


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            Welcome back in the pool. The water’s fine.
            Enjoy your time. Hopefully your bank account can keep up with your enthusiasm and desires.


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              I just found this question and answer posted on Google.

              Are slot cars a good hobby?

              Constructing tracks and customising slot cars has proved to be an enjoyable hobby over the years, and a great activity for relieving stress. Slot car racing requires little physical strength, so even those with injuries or disabilities can play, making it a perfect activity for the elderly too.

              When most of us took up this hobby in our youth we had no idea we were actually preparing for our golden years.


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                No kidding!

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              Welcome back BF
              TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
              Warren, Ohio


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                This is the best place to learn and keep up to date on current slot racing. There is a mix of guys working with new stuff like magnets and digital and many more that are just re-creating what home racing was in the 60's. All are good and can offer great advice.
                Matt B
                So. In


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                  Originally posted by Broman62 View Post
                  Welcome back BF
                  Hey Tom! It's nice to be back, I'm having a blast. Retired now and finding more time for slots
                  Hey I see Peter is still having the annual no mag proxy race, in Austria? right? That was a lot of fun building for that race.
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