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NINCO M3 GTR 1/32 Racing Set

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  • NINCO M3 GTR 1/32 Racing Set

    Hello guys. Most know me as mainly an HO guy around here, but I have a friend on the plastic model kit side of the hobby that always comes to me for slot car related things, and has asked my advice for a value on the aforementioned NINCO racing set. Even a general idea will help, just to get in the ballpark. It looks to be in clean used condition. He just sent me a photo of the box cover, I don't even have the item number.
    Thanks my slot car brothers, for any help you can throw this way. -- Ernie

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    I found a record of a complete used set that sold for 150 euros on a Spanish auction site back in 2020. If complete with undamaged cars, $100-$150 price range would be reasonable.


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      Does he want the actual set or does he want to set up a race track? I have a bunch of ninco track, rally loop, lap counter, some guard rails etc.

      T.R. Raceway
      Toms River NJ


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        Thanks for the responses. I'll have to ask if his intentions are to buy or sell. I will reply appropriately when l get more info.
        Thanks again, Ernie