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  • Another question about Inserts

    I have found a (limited) source for correct sized Inserts that fit the ProTrack Pro219 and N219 Daytona Stockers wheels. While I was looking for Inserts that would fit, I ended up with one complete set that is just slightly too small, and one complete set that is just slightly too big.
    My question : are there Simple techniques, to make either of these useable (make 'em work) ??

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    I pulled some little cups out of PETG just for that purpose but haven't tried them yet. Cut them off at the proper thickness, use a dab of Shoo Goo to hold them in (open end toward the wheel) then Shoo Goo the insert to the flat bottom.

    I don't know how to post a picture or I would. Steve at Slot Car Corner has a sheet of them and might post a picture if he hasn't already sent them back to me.
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      Evergreen make some very thin styrene strip, that can be glued around the circumference of the insert, and then sanded to size and painted......for inserts that are too large, these can be sanded down to size....depending on your inserts you can mount them on a dremel, electric drill, or tire truer.

      Chris Walker


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        Too small can be built up with small layers of CA adhesive. Apply a thin layer of the glue around the outside and let it dry. Repeat if necessary.
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          Here are the plastic cups Butch was referring to in his earlier post.
          Click image for larger version

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          • Pappy
            Pappy commented
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            Thanks Steve.
            They are smaller than they look in the picture. Just cut them to the thickness you need. Glue them in the wheel and glue your wheel insert to the flat spot. Lightweight, easy to do and allows room for the axle to stick out a little.

          • Bill from NH
            Bill from NH commented
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            Good idea Butch! If you get bored, you could play tic-tack-toe with a sheet of them.

          • Pappy
            Pappy commented
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            I was thinking maybe turning them upside down and using them for petri dish's. Or turn them upside down and draw a line zig zagging between the cups with a Sharpie and try to follow the line with a small ball bearing and not have it fall in a hole. I think the possibilities for this invention are unlimited. LOL