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  • About using Wheel Inserts

    A quick question about using wheel inserts, as I try to not have to deal with them. I can usually find a wheel, in the style needed (which, unfortunately, sometimes means using a plastic wheel). I have used inserts a couple of times, inside my aluminum wheels. My question : when you need to drill a hole in the center of the insert, for the axle, what technique is used ? To keep the insert from splitting apart, I assume you would want the insert, already installed inside of the wheel, yes ?? Forgive the ignorance, but I have very limited experience, with inserts.

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    If I need a hole to go through the insert I install the insert and use the same ream that I would use on the wheel. 2.37 or 2.38mm are typical for 1:32 scale wheels and axles
    Ayton, ON Canada


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      Why not trim the axle instead? Then the inserts will stay looking good
      bill ,framingham ma


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        Inserts are flimsy and made lightweight on purpose (low moment of inertia). You should not need to drill them. That would indicate another issue (like Billyboy suggested).


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          2.3mm drill in a pin vice through the axle hole then open up to 2.4mm straight into the insert now the hole is in the centre...or shorten the axle to flush with the wheel face so you don't need a hole in the insert.
          Kevan - Isle of Man
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            Different styles of insert wheels are available. wheels have nibs on the chassis side where the set screws are located, so possibly you would be able to use a wider insert than with a wheel that had the set screw close to the center.