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  • Professional or practical?

    I hate seeing a tire ruined by a flat spot. So a while back I found and modified a stand and 3D printed it at our library:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1959.jpg Views:	26 Size:	911.7 KB ID:	161418
    It worked fine:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1958.jpg Views:	27 Size:	640.4 KB ID:	161419
    I was getting ready to print a few more when an alternative hit me. So I tried it, and sure enough a plastic cap worked just fine:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1962.jpg Views:	26 Size:	719.1 KB ID:	161420

    This one is from a carton of orange juice:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1961.jpg Views:	26 Size:	220.3 KB ID:	161421

    They work great for 1/32 cars, and are OK for 1/24. But milk caps are almost twice as big, and work a bit better for the larger cars.

    So while I like the professional look of the 3D printed stand, to be practical and to avoid caps ending-up in land-fills, I'm now using caps for all of my cars that I don't have cases for.

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    Yup. Sometimes a printer is a solution in search of a problem.

    Other times, it gives you cars no other manufacturer makes. Or a mount for your new fish finder
    It all depends.
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      I buy 1/4 X 1 inch painted storm door trim at HD and cut it in 3-4 inch long pieces. Set the car chassis on it and all 4 tires are off the ground. I realized you cold buy a piece of poster board and cut it with a knife to make the same thing.
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        If you can recycle something than that is great one less thing in a landfill.
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          Lying them on their side requires nothing at all.
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            It just doesn't allow you to admire your collection. Since I've invested about $10K in slot cars over the past 15 years or so, it's good to be able to see where my fun money went.

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          The bottle cap solution is great and needs to be brought back every now and then for everybody to see.
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            If you park your cars on soft foam and avoid having anything press down on them you would avoid flat spotting the tires.


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              Originally posted by mattb View Post
              The bottle cap solution is great and needs to be brought back every now and then for everybody to see.

              I've started harvesting bottle caps as they get used and one by one my cars on display are getting them. May be too late for some of the tires (flat spots), but at least I'll have them for the next set of tires.

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                The bottle cap stand is a great idea! I've been using them as car stands for quite some time now. I also use them as a reservoir for small amounts of various adhesives.
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                  I'd trust the bottle caps a lot farther than the foam rubber.
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                    I use pill bottle caps. Same idea.
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                      I cut strips off of a thin insulation sheet and glued them in a plastic 3-door storage bin. Keeps all 4 wheels off the ground and allows cars to be stored in the bins side by side.