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  • First Hand experience only please.

    A friend asked me to paint the side pods of hoil s NSR F1 86/89 car. It is made of some white plastic. The surface has been scuffed and cleaned. He has tried 3 times to paint it and the paint peels off after drying.
    What sort/brand of paint have people used on these specific cars?

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    I painted mine with an acrylic spray paint for plastic lawn chairs.
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      I have painted a few NSR F1 (white kits) for some customers/myself, and have had no issues with paint adhering/drying properly.........several of the cars have been done/raced for more than 6 months, all are just fine.

      I have used Tamiya TS synthetic lacquer sprays (in various colours), decaled, and top coated with Tamiya TS clearcoat. I use Tamiya exclusively as it is formulated for styrene plastic (Tamiya kits), goes on thin, is very durable, and comes in a very wide range of colours. It also polishes very well using Tamiya rubbing compound.

      On the cars that I have made body work changes to, I have used Tamiya primer, on the cars that have had no bodywork done , primer was not used.

      Chris Walker

      This particular car has had some body work changes made to it (the side mounted radiator openings were filled in , and, vents cut into the top rear of the side pods, to more accurately represent the McLaren MP4 that Keke Rosberg drove at Portugal in 1986.

      As I filled the side pod openings with styrene strip and some putty, it was primed first.

      PS the decals are from Atalaya, and the drivers head from Interlagos miniatures.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4729.jpg Views:	0 Size:	224.4 KB ID:	160633

      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4720.jpg Views:	0 Size:	168.9 KB ID:	160635

      The blob on Kekes' right hand glove have been fixed
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      • chrisguyw
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        Hi Dan, the seatbelt material I use is adhesive backed nylon material used for repairing nylon tents, is available at most "outdoor" stores (and your local Canadian tire).
        It comes in various colours, and is inexpensive......I also use it for making the goggle straps for drivers helmets,.....much easier/cleaner than painting them.

      • Barc 1
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        I have been painting aluminum duct tape and cutting it into strips, but I really like the texture of that nylon material you are using. I will have to stop at Canadian Tire and have a look for it., Thanks

      • Atitagain
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        Another vote for Tamiya paint. I use both TS and PS depending if I am painting the inside (clear) or outside of bodies.

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      I use Testors brush and spray. I have also experienced paint rubbing off with several brands of rattle can spray paints. The last one was Touch n Tone... goes on really nice, looks great, but rubs off.


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        I have used the Krylon spray paints formulated for plastic very successfully. I am flat awful at painting and detailing, but Krylon has worked for me.
        Ed Bianchi
        York Pennsylvania USA


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          Thanks guys! Fingers crossed.


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            Car is done (except for driver). I painted the pods for my friends car using Tester's Black enamel and had zero issues.
            He sent me this photo this morning.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220511_090906776_HDR~2.jpg
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              Well done! It looks good. Those rear tires look super sticky...

            • jrrclk
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              Let's see how it looks after the race

            • Aptosc6
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              We shall see Jim : )

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            Update, my friend (who shall remain nameless) sealed, then painted over the decals using very old clear paint. Apparently, the white areas turned yellow.
            Anyway to fix this?


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              Yeah, remove the clear and redo it. Good luck with not screwing up the decals!


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                If the clear is solvent based he would not be able to remove it without damaging what is underneath. If he had used something like Future that can be removed with ammonia. If the clear coat is what has yellowed removing it will fix the problem. Possibly the clear coat has reacted with the white paint and caused that to yellow, so even if the clear is removed there would still be a problem. If the white paint has turned yellow there may be no way to fix that.
                Never use untested combinations of paints on your projects, if you want to try something new do a test on some scrap material.


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                  Plastic spoons work great for testing paint/Clear combos.