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    I keep saying no more clear bodies, for me. But I'll try two or three more clear body scratch build projects, if someone can guide me to where I can buy Pattos 1/32 Bodies, here in the United States ! I am already a customer of Smith Scale Speedway, but their selection of Pattos bodies, is very limited.
    Looking for Matra, Mirage, and other 70's Le Mans prototypes, Can Am, Touring Cars or NASCAR stockers ! I just avoid buying from overseas, because it takes 'way too long, to receive your packages.
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    I do not think you will find much in the way of Pattos bodies in NA other than the "American Iron" stuff that Smith Scale carries,......for the Sports/LeMans/CanAm stuff, I think you will need to go directly to Pattos.

    You may want to try "PCH Slot Parts" (US based), or Betta & Classic (UK based).........PCH have a reasonable selection of both painted and unpainted 1/32 bodies, while Betta & Classic offer almost anything you can imagine, and do make very fine bodies.

    I think you will find the quality of both the PCH and Betta & Classic products more to your liking than those from Pattos'.

    Chris Walker


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      Thank you, Chris, and I've read a bit about Pattos quality. I also know of Betta & Classic, and hear real good things, but can only get, from overseas. I just really hate paying for something, and having to wait a month (or longer, in my experience) for it to arrive. Will check out PCH.

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      Try and find pics of the bodies your are interested in,Pattos bodies are a bit hit and miss for quality.


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        I have used a lot of his 1/24 bodies. I keep a listing of what is acceptable and what isn't. We only use them for actual track cars, not to build detailed reproductions. Some builders can do that, but these bodies are not like Lancer or Testors from the old days. He does make some acceptable bodies. He has a 73? era Camaro and it is a nice pull. Trouble is it is probably pulled from a 1/18 scale diecast! It's about an inch longer than any of our 60's stock car bodies. It is hit and miss.

        This is one of his bodies and decals and it is among the best.
        Click image for larger version

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        Matt B
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