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No print button in race coordinator

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  • No print button in race coordinator

    Seems funny to me that there’s no print button for race results. I’ve seen it done but can’t remember how. It seemed very difficult at the time. I’m not very computer savvy. Is there a quick and easy way to do it?thanks
    bill ,framingham ma

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    Go to the main menu where you select the drivers and race format.
    At the top is a menu choice or tab for options. Under options is stats or statistics.
    From this menu you can select the race and export into a MIcrosoft Excel file format.
    You will need MIcrosoft Excel or a clone to view and print from the XLS file.

    Another option is to use the sniping tool of Microsoft Windows.
    You can capture and then print the race results screen from the snipping tool.



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      File > Export Race > Export > file name.xlsx

      This can be opened in MS Excel or Libre Office or Google Docs and printed from there.
      Kevan - Isle of Man
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        Thanks guys I’ll give it a try
        bill ,framingham ma


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          We also take a snapshot with a camera just in case the export gets messed up and you loose the results
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            thats what weve been doing as well
            bill ,framingham ma