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  • About soldering Motors :

    Though I've recently been advised that it might be a good idea, as added security to the mounting screws, I've not wanted to have anything to do with soldering a motor onto a motor bracket, (or a chassis itself, which Really looks intimidating).
    But, last evening, I had the strangest thing happen, which also reminded me of why I don't like to true tires while they are on the slot car, as I think it stresses the gears : I began to true the rear tires with sandpaper, on an older scratch built car, when suddenly, it began to emit this ugly sound, like gears stripping, or something ! When I investigated, I saw the screws securing the motor onto the JK bracket, were both about maybe a third of the way, unscrewed. Screwing them back in, allowed me to finish truing the tires, and now the car is running and lapping great.
    My question : can someone tell me, and preferably, show me a photo or two, of how to, and, specifically, WHERE to, solder a motor onto a JK (or any other) bracket ??
    And, if possible, how to solder a motor onto a LVJ chassis, as well ? Would like to keep this project as basic and simple as possible, as me and soldering don't get along well (almost wish you could glue a chassis together, lol : the less soldering, the more I like it).
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    Don't laugh. There have been several brass chassis on eBay that were glued together with an epoxy rather than soldered. The ones I've seen were European,


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      Really ? Wow !!

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    I just solder the top of the can to the top of the motor/axle bracket. I usually hit it on a wire wheel to clean it. Use a bit of acid flux and just flow solder across the joint. I run some water over it and use a tooth brush to scrub it. Usually I put a little baking soda in some water as a paste. Rinse it good, run it a minute or so and oil it.

    Screws will work loose sometimes. Solder is just insurance. One alternative is a drop of glue on the screw threads, just a drop.
    Matt B
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      Thanks, Matt B : A drop of glue on the screw threads is a Great idea. I get the reasons you stress, just a Drop !

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    Some blue Loctite 242 on the threads will work as well, I've used it on body screws when going into a threaded insert as well.
    Ayton, ON Canada


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      Nail polish works great and it’s not difficult to get apart
      Peterborough Ont


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        Loctite, nail polish, most Superglue, model car glue, all good suggestions. Most anything will work, just use what you have.

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      Originally posted by 6666hotrod View Post
      My question : can someone tell me, and preferably, show me a photo or two, of how to, and, specifically, WHERE to, solder a motor onto a JK (or any other) bracket ??
      Here's one way on a JK Cheetah 11 chassis:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	motor_2_reduced.jpg Views:	2 Size:	46.2 KB ID:	158067
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        There are other ways as mentioned above. JB Weld is one I've seen. It is important to use this method with motors that have Neo Magnets. These type of magnets self de-zap above 230 degrees F.
        I soldered the above using the bracket that comes with most JK Chassis. I used Lucky Bob soldering flux. You have to wash the chassis after soldering or the flux may eat through the metal.