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Carrera Foggy glass

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  • Carrera Foggy glass

    Hey guys I have a few cars that have been overcome with smoking glass
    is this normal? Can this be fixed?
    Thanks Mike

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    This is a new one…never had this problem with the many Carrera’s I own…rotted front tires,YES, but not one with foggy windows or fogged up windows over time…hopefully someone has a solution!!
    Warren, Ohio


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      I have observed that on 3 Carrera cars and one SideWays car. On two of these cars, it happened right after repairing broken rear wings. The rear window developed smoke-like fogging. I think it was due to exposure to fumes in some super glue. On the other two cars, I don't have a clue... never had any repairs that needed super glue.


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        No it isn't normal, unless you did what was said above and used super glue. Never use super glue for glass.

        Might try removing and polishing with a mild liquid car wax.


        • Bal r 14
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          I wasn't using super glue on the glass, just near the glass. I'm sure it did not contact the glass.

        • HomeRacingWorld
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          As you see from the comments below, even being close can cause fogging.

          I have almost stopped using any CA/Super Glue type adhesives. All interiors and most any body repair is now UV glue. My main use for CA now is used as a mix with resin dust to fill/repair resin bodys.

        • Bal r 14
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          I have been meaning to try UV glue. Do you have a brand you would recommend?

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        IIRC there was a recent proxy car (Porsche 995?) that was shipped with unset superglue and the fumes in the box clouded most of the windshield.

        Randy C
        Grindrod B.C.


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          these cars have never been apart 1 green 66 GTO, and the other the new Ford


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            It's from the CA glue. I build lots of models and have experienced this 1st hand. The way to avoid it in the future is to either remove the glass or coat the glass with Future or Pledge floor polish. It won't fog over then.


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              The Super Glue fumes fog the glass, ever watch Forensic Files when they lift invisible fingerprints from an item put in a chamber and expose it to Super Glue glue vapors? I have going on a couple of hundred Carrera slot cars going back a long time and have never had a window fog up yet. The rubber tire plasticizers eat plastic when they break down and the outgassing can fog plastic glass if they are in close contact in storage too. Fogging is hard if not impossible to remove if it is deep down in the plastic, Novus polish may work if it isn't too bad or wet sand with very fine sandpaper then polish it with the Novus system and it may come out.


              • docdoom
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                Get a headlight restore kit and use the polishing compound from the kit works great for removing that super glue fog..