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FC-130 Short Can Motor Identification

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  • FC-130 Short Can Motor Identification

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer, RPM and torque values for this motor?

    John S.
    Fitchburg, MA

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    Giri app works well for RPM
    Kevan - Isle of Man
    Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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      Looks very much like the motors used in the MRSlotcar Mazda...................22K, and while torque values were never published, the motor did have better than average torque numbers, due to the fact that the stack was a touch longer than most other FC-130 motors, 2 extra arm laminations were asked for in the spec. to the motor manufacturer.

      Still see lots of these running round at Ernies' (MRSlotcar) track.

      Chris Walker
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      Originally posted by Kevan View Post
      Giri app works well for RPM
      Use to operate a slot car track way back in Lakewood Calif. And extensive tests with different configurations of cans, lots of messed up cans , but we figured out we gained aprrox 350 rpms with the piece of metal from the can makes the magnetic field continues all the way around. But will not work for the cobalt or neo magnets that is why the open motors do not have that modification.

      Toms River NJ
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