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Recommendations for Simple Rules for "Garage" Slot Car Racing

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  • Recommendations for Simple Rules for "Garage" Slot Car Racing

    Under construction, creating a 4 lane Scalextric 1/32 Race Course. I have built a "table" 8ft x 12ft (Stores in my garage ceiling). My goal, is to start a local FUN race club. Featuring: NASCAR, TransAm, Formula 1 and Muscle Cars. Looking for suggestions and recommendations. I live in a small town area. There are no slot car tracks or clubs, in a 50 mile radius.

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    I would start by keeping it simple. Get some folks to just show up and do some basic "fun runs". No rules, just enjoy running the cars.

    If the interest increases, then maybe you can begin to organize. Simple box stock with a tire change is a decent, low-cost entry level class to start with.


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      I'd avoid racing the F1 cars to start out with. They are typically high detail models and will shed parts like crazy when crashed. Save yourself the grief. The new Scalextric NASCARs (80s aero bodied Monte Carlo and Thunderbird) are perfect to start out with. Literally nothing to break off them.


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        Are you running sport, or classic track?? Wood track guys will have cars with deep guides that won't work well.

        Make a "run what you brung" class to get people interested, including kids. You can supply an old (rugged) car as loaner if needed.


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          This is old news to most of you guys, but maybe it will provide some tips to the OP.

          The guys I race with enjoy just having fun. Not real serious and we have a lot of fun. We typically have 50-70 races each race nite in a 2-3 hour get together. We do run 1/24 vac body cars with not many rules, 3 inch tread width and either pony cars, hot rods or smaller cars, no long stockers . Cars are one piece brass chassis, no pans or joints. Motors are $2 imports (16-20 k) I run a few laps on the orange lane with all cars and if they are faster than 3.95, a gear change is required. We just try to have all cars around the 4 second lap time and then we run flat out, no break out. We run silicone coated tires and keep the track surface dry and clean.

          RACE FORMATS
          CRASH AND BURN.
          You come off, you are out of the race. Any driver except the the leader can call "last lap" at any time and when the leading car crosses the finish line he is the winner and the race is over.

          Race till only 2 cars are left. You crash or get lapped and you are out. The last 2 cars racing then run a 2 lap runoff to decide the winner.

          PIT STOP RACE
          We have a red stripe about 4 foot past the starting line. We run 2 laps then require a complete stop in this 4 foot area, then run 2 more laps. This requires a guy to just watch for complete stops withing the "pit area".

          WARMING UP
          For the first 20 minutes or so, guys just run and practice and maybe run some dedicated 2-3 lap races.

          We usually have at least 5-6 guys so there is always an extra guy and we call him the race director. He picks the type of race we will run and he starts the race. Guys rotate in and out of driving , so everybody kind of takes their turn.

          All races are started the same way. "READY" ......."GO". If the director says anything else it doesn't count. Timing can be whatever he wants, but he must always start races the same way.

          All cars must make it thru the first corner or there is a restart. We swap lanes when somebody says let's switch, then everybody rotates to their left. All the lanes run pretty even and guys don't worry about rotating a lot. Usually the guys driving will run 30 minutes or so and then offer up their lanes to one of the other guys and they switch places. Everybody gets their turn. If we have 6 guys the extras also provide a catcher to pick up cars that come off in the wide flat turn to stop wrecking other cars. I also have 3 kill switches wired in, but we use them sparingly.

          None of this requires much more than you show up with your car and have fun. I think we have a good program as all the guys keep coming back, laughing and having fun. Other guys we know stop by and seem to enjoy it and stop in every now and then, but don't become regulars. All the guys are hot rodders/car guys I've known for 40- years or so and only one guy has slot car experience. It was new to the other guys 5-6 years ago. Our simple formats fit these guys fine.

          It would be fun to race with guys that enjoyed vintage stuff like me or that could build their own cars and we could compare notes, but the way thishobby is today, I am happy with what we do have.
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            Wow!!! ALL good STUFF!! Thanks so much. HRW Forum is so helpful.


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              What Harry said. For a while at least, stick with Box Stock and a spec rear tire compound.
              Scalextric Nascar, Scalextric Trans Am, Scalextric GT, Pioneer Legends, Carrera GT, Slot.It Group C, Racer Sideways Group 5 cars to name a few are all good inexpensive starting platforms.
              Use cars from these series that are all Sidewinders or all In-Line, try not to mix the two and you will be off to the races.



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                For what you mentioned, start with Scalex NASCAR and TransAm. They are relatively even.

                Do a bunch of fun nites, to run and get to know each other. There will be spontaneous races that happen. Let the group gel.

                Do quick, simple races, 3-5 laps. Crash and burn until people get better at driving the track.

                After a while when you have a more stable group, you can get fancier. Typically you want something that lets different folks win so they feel like they have a reason to come back.

                ​​​​​​​Mostly...relax and have fun. That's the infectious part.
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                  Keep costs low. That’s what will draw people. We pretty much run everything box stock with a tire change except group 5. That’s a free for all
                  Chris Rhynold


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                    Wasn't mentioned but if at this moment you are the only guy with slot cars you will probably have to provide cars and controllers. You also didn't mention whether you are planning to use the scalextric power supplies and controllers or will you be wiring the track for for durable controllers like professor motor provides. You also didn't mention whether you have or plan to have a lap counting system.


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                      Like modelbob said, you are the only guy with slot cars, you will need cars and controllers for them to use. Also spare incase a car or controller gets broken.
                      Nascars are tough, not much to break off. some scaly corvettes run well and would be matched IROC type of race, carrera dtms ar pretty well matched
                      Where are you located (only city and state)? Maybe someone looking for place to run cars with near by. lance
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                        Here's what I do when the nieces/nephews come over..... I have a 3 lane 1/32 MDF track. In groups of 3,or pick names, give each driver 3 colored wood chips which are their lane color. Decide on how many laps the race will be. Every time their car comes out of their slot, they lose a chip. If you lose a3 chips you are out of the race. They LOVE it. If they run multiple heats then the winner of each heat meet in the finals. And remind ALL racers....if your're not racing then you MUST marshal. And place appropriate tape/ lane color on windshield of each car