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    I finally (in between last two "clear body scratch build projects") got around to putting together my LVJ Cruiser chassis.
    I've gotta say, I am Really impressed !! I bought the advised "smith small block" motor, for $5, from Smith Scale Speedway,
    which is who I bought the chassis and all required parts from. I love this chassis, and can't wait, for a body to arrive for it.
    My question is : as this chassis mounts the motor with One Screw, does anyone (Matt B) know of other ("three-holes") motors that will screw onto this chassis ?? If so, what screw do I need ? Will the screw need to be what's called, a "self-tapping screw ?
    Thanks, in advance !
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    Professor Motor has a short can motor that is advertised at 25k rpm and it mounts with a self tapping screw. Any long can fk 180's will fit fine. A bit of solder is good insurance and the self tapping screws can sometimes be too long so you need to tighten them up and check if the arm turns free. If not, take the screw out and sand a bit off the end of it. One screw mounting is OK, but if you are going to race a bunch or send a car to a proxy, you should solder too.
    Matt B
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      Thanks, Matt B : had a feeling, I could count on you and your experience, to help !