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Bodies, one more time !

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  • Bodies, one more time !

    As I have good reasons for giving up on my recent experiences with those Clear Bodies, I do have a question, that's somewhat offbeat : Is there anyone out 'here that would be willing to cut out/trim and paint (one color), a clear 1/32 body for me ? I would buy the body, pay for the paint, send it and pay for the paint job. I've seen a certain guy's work, with these pain-in-the butt bodies, and would gladly pay him for his services !

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    I race vintage slot cars with a local group and a few of the guys have bodies painted by Jairus. I don’t know if he’s on HRW but he’s active on slotblog. His prices are reasonable and his work that I have seen is top notch.


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      As a curiosity question - what kind of bodies are you looking at having painted?


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        You can paint a clear body, it's not worth all that trouble of sending them to somebody and paying somebody. A single color means you only mask the windows inside and the lower outside of the body. Wash inside the body in warm water with an SOS pad to clean and create tooth for the paint to stick to. Mask the windows on the outside. Tape over them and with a new Exacto blade trim along window edges. Use the part covering the window as a guide to cut new masks or if you haven't stuck it down real hard, gently pull it off and put it on the inside of the body. You are now ready to paint. Get a can of Tamyia spray lacquer and give it a couple light coats, letting the first 1 or 2 dry to the touch before re-coating. 15 minutes or so and you are done and it will get easier the second time around.
        Matt B
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