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Painting Aluminum Wheels, and.....

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  • Painting Aluminum Wheels, and.....

    I'm having an idea for a future project, and need to know : What kind of paint will stay on aluminum wheels ? Example : the paint that was used, on Harry's Showdown Series Camaro wheels ! Also, what paint to use, if you're Only Gonna Paint The Insert, which I'm sure would be plastic ? Thanks, for any help !

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    I have used different regular type primers on the aluminum wheels as well as different paint lacquer, acrylic, etc. and nothing seems better than the other. I expect an etching primer would be the best for longevity but have not purchased any to try. It is difficult to get the paint to stick on the outer edge from taking tires on and off. I keep some touch up paint handy.
    As far as the inserts they could be plastic or resin, just prime and paint. Test fit them first as many need to be sanded slightly for fitment.
    Regular automotive type primer is all you need, nothing special.
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      I clean the wheels with 91% Alcohol. Dry thoroughly.

      Most times I use Duplicolor lacquer as well. I get mine from Auto Zone.


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        If you put the tire on a painted wheel from the chassis side you will be less likely to rub off the paint.