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  • Guard rails

    I was walking thru Rural King (farm supply store here in MO) looking for guard rail inspiration for the track I am building.

    thought I was going to use aluminum stock, very thin and pliable. Then i went down another isle and there was the solution. Those 1.5" wide, white plastic strips that go on the store shelves that hold the item and price tag.

    Very, very flexible, perfect color, size and will wrap around a hairpin with no trouble. Manager gave me 10 of them free, they are 36" each. They have double sided tape, probably won't hold to long so another solution might be needed. When you go to the store you'll instantly know what I am trying to describe.

    Not installed yet, but I think this IS the solution.

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    Plastic is good....aluminum is interesting but can be sharp, not to mention rough on cars. With the possibly upside that you can get realistic damage with a hard de-slot.

    Sounds like you found a reasonable solution.
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      I have some left over venetian blind pieces that I'm going to try. They are 2" x 21 1/2" and pretty flexible. Going to get right on that after my scenery is complete. And the lights are up and wired. And the buildings.... you know the drill...


      • chappyman66
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        Yup, it's a process.

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      It's still holding about 2 weeks later with the double stick tape. Hold up to rubs pretty well. Found them on line, search "price tag holder"

      I'm putting terrain on my truck so I'm fitting them first, the pink board cut to shape and then things get messy with Sculpt a mold.

      cool thing is we all have developed options


      • Wobble
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        I tried "price tag holder" but bing was a bit slow on the uptake, as expected, so then I tried "price tag holder strip" and it worked it out.

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      Great idea! I've been wondering what I could use on some home made borders, where there isn't enough of a footprint to place a scaley border.
      Will have to fashion what to use for the uprights. Any ideas on that?
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        I'm incorporating some LED lights, post and bases I got off ebay.

        Going to put fence between the posts in those special areas.

        I'll have go to ebay to find the sellers name and repost it.. I bought 50 sets, should do the trick


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          Is the sellers name

          So the general idea is I'll use that price tag Material around Turns and bends I then cut out the small area where the carerra 3d printed bases that he produces will snap in and then I'll have the LED lights and Poles over the track and where the car's may de slot and leave the track I'll put catch fences between those light posts.

          This price tag stuff is truly worth a serious look from those searching. For HO it is probably to tall expect on outside turns.


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            Have a look at curtain track. Aluminium or plastic, some have a good profile like Armco.


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              How about a slot in the track surface to put the bottom edge of the plastic into? You can see the slot cut into a HO TKO track edge for this exact purpose.

              Click image for larger version

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              Why doesn't my car run like that?