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  • Unusual cars for sale?

    I'm not selling these cars. They are just ones I found wondering around the internet. They may be rare or vintage models... I have no idea. They are used and being sold by Professor Tinker for $25. I thought I would post them, in case anyone is interested. They are a Bachman Vette, Reprotec Cobra and Monogram something or other.
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    The Reprotec Cobras are fun, I’ve got 2. The Bachman isn’t really 1/32 scale, I think they are closer to 1/43. I see them on eBay also listed as 1/32 but they aren’t. Don’t know about the monogram but it looks cool.


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      The Monogram is a March they looked much nicer than they ran like most Monogram cars.
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      • WB2
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        My, my, my. How people live to malign the Monogram March.
        With a pinion swap and urethane tires, mine is not far off Slot It 962s. One of these days I’m going to plop a Slot It orange motor in it and I’ll bet the times come a lot closer.

      • Bal r 14
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        Do they have aluminum wheels?

      • Mikeinclover
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        No they do not have aluminum wheels.

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      bill ,framingham ma