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    ... gonna sound a bit strange, but I'm learning though this Forum, that there can be Snobs, in Any adventure !! I see THE REASONS, for HOME BASED Slot Car Racing, and their Clubs and Racing Series !! Good thing these Series are smart enough, to adhere to Standardized regulations !! My first two Scratchbuilds, are legal anywhere, but everyone I built since, has all kinds of Motors, and stuff !! Cause they can run at my house, or anybody else's track that I may know !! THANKS, HARRY !!!

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    I didn’t know there were any standardized regulations. Is there a web page or spot where they can be viewed?


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      That’s the beauty of having a track and scratch building your can do what ever you please
      By the way you are learning from some of the best scratch builders in the world on HRW
      Peterborough Ont


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        You're seeing all the options there are for slot cars. None of them are bad.
        Guys set up proxy races and come up with specs that other guys like and are happy with. The racers in those proxys are OK with that set of rules or they wouldn't enter.
        Most guys have some specs for cars they build and run at home. Those cars may be completely different than what they build for a proxy race to to run with other guys in a club setting.
        It's just good you are building and not just pulling a car from a plastic box. Learning how to make a nice running car that you finish is part of the enjoyment of this hobby.
        Matt B
        So. In


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          I ran across a reference to some organization(s), in bold, all capital letters, that had specs for Organized slot car racing, that I assumed were The Guide !


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            99.9 percent of you hobbyists are great (and appreciated) ! I can be in the wrong, myself, sometimes.


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              Haven’t we all

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            The group I race with has no rules and everyone is welcome. We don't even use a standard voltage. We just want everyone to be competitive. If there were or are standard regulations, we want no part of them. We race on a variety of tracks from 50' to 100', all 3 - 4 lane MDF. Oh, one rule... silicone tires.

            I would point out that for a home track, you are going to encounter a huge variety of skills, even among experienced slot car racers. Age is not your friend on road courses. So, you do need to be flexible.
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              You have no idea , how much I appreciate what you are saying : I have been confident of my slot car driving skills, as I learned The Fine Points, 'back in my introduction into The Hobby, back before my 30-plus-year hiatus ! I Could say, more : I'll just stress, that, for example, my First Two Scratchbuilds, were built to SHOWDOWN Specs, specifically (all following scratchbuilds, were built the same way, but with Motors and different. things that I am interested in, for HOME Track racers). But I want the opportunity to race on an Organized, CLUB, or COMMERCIAL Wood Track, one day. So I've built two cars "to the letter", ruleswise !! My point is this : I learned from my H.O. Days, as a teen, that I can SERIOUSLY Drive a good slot car. In my renewed participation all these years later, I'm Confident, I can handle "high caliber" slot car racers !! I think I'm one of-em!! ....this is why I wanna run a big, fast wood track, against good driver's, so badly !!

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              My hiatus was more like 50 years. My reflexes are not what they used to be, so my learning curve on tough tracks is pretty long. I was lucky enough to find a group of guys who all have some nice tracks. But, I'm generally about 1/2 second slow.

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            There are all sorts of guides/rules out there. At the end of the day, you simply choose the equipment that works best for YOU and your racers/track.

            Our Showdown Series - 1/32 and 1/24 have many similar traits that are "standards".

            Paul Gage Urethane rear tires.
            Predator or Piranha Motor
            Any aftermarket 1/32 or 1/24 guide.
            Any size axle bore (1/8 or 3/32)
            JK Motor brackets (works both scales)

            So, for example: I want to build a new car for the series. It does not matter what scale. I have the axles, gears, and motor that could be used in either. So I just order gears, or Sloting Plus axles, Parma or JK bushings, and stock both Piranha and Predator.

            But this is just our guidelines. Other folks like rubber tires, silicones, etc. Some want more RPM. Some want less.

            As a HOME racer you have the flexibility to create your own standards. If there is a PROXY out there you might like, chances are you will simply have to purchase the parts they require.

            Always feel free to ask for any advice for your home track. Folks here will do the best they can. YOu can always email or PM me anytime as well.



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              Aww, MAN !!! I'm just seeing this, as I'm just turning my phone back on, recently, and getting my responses from earlier : It's actually HARRY !! ... responding to Rod's little 'butt ! Dude, I won't embarrass you, but You Are Roderick's SLOT CAR HOBBY HERO !! year ago, scratchbuilding a slot car, was out of my depth, and something I wouldn't Think of trying !! Thank you !!

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            The rules of my track are , run what you brung and have fun! Simple really!