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Building LVJ Cruiser Chassis

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  • Building LVJ Cruiser Chassis

    I'm considering building a Scale, 1/32 project car, using a LVJ Cruiser chassis. How do you build this Chassis, as in, What MOTOR (because of the way the motor mounts to the chassis), What AXLE SIZE (1/8, possibly ?), What Size BUSHINGS (1/4" holes ?) Also, will I be able to use CB Design wheels ?

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    Any FK motor, short can or long can. 1/8 axles, 1/8 CB wheels and matching tires from Paul Gage or Quiksliks. Gage is urethane, QS is silicone. Not sure about oilite size, I will measure one later and post that info. You need a 3/16 post guide flag. You will need lead wires for the motor and a pinion and a crown gear. Axle spacers if you don't have any on hand.

    A better choice is to call Slot Car Corner and ask them to put all the chassis components together that you will need. If they don't have the LVJ you'll have to order it somewhere else, but SCC will have all the parts you need at a price as good as you will find anywhere. Let them know what kind of car you are doing. They can then supply the right diameter wheels and tires and right length axles. Keep the motor speed to something good for your track. Don't buy the fastest motor they have, that is never a good match for a short home track..

    Once built there is tuning involved. Usually that is adding weight, trying different gear ratios and making sure the frame is as low as possible. That may require sanding front tires and adjusting the guide flag with spacers or even bending it to let the flag set higher in the frame.
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      Thank you for taking the time to help me. I have several motors in my scratchbuilding supplies bin, along with a bunch of necessary scratchbuilding stuff, from Slot Car Corner. I just, a couple of days ago, received an order, from them. I have an order I'm expecting tomorrow, from them. Just accumulating parts for my next few Scratchbuilds. But I really wanna try this idea I'm having, of building something off of this LVJ chassis. I normally build hardbody cars, but in an effort to cut down on how much this scratchbuilding addiction is costing me, I've purchased 5 Boss Bodies, from Smith Scale Speedway, to try my next 'builds with, as a sort of experiment. I have most of the parts for the usual scratchbuilding I do, including a VARIETY of motors : the order I'm expecting tomorrow, includes a Slot.It 29K short can, and a Predator long can (17,500 K). Yeah, please let me know what you find out about the Bushings I need. Oh, and how, exactly, do I attach one of my Motors, to this LVJ chassis, since it's vertical.