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Brass building and Slot.It motors.

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  • Brass building and Slot.It motors.

    Hobbyists : I am trying several motors that interest me, with my last several 'Builds. Here is my question for a future project : Which Slot.It motors will screw onto the (JKC86) JK D3, motor bracket ? Maybe just their S-Can (red end bell or white end bell or black end bell) motors ? Forgive my ignorance, but I wanna avoid buying the wrong things. Will any of their other motors screw onto the D3 ? And do Slot.It motors lend themselves to brass scratchbuilding well ? I just assumed they do, because they are Great motors : I have a variety of their cars : S-can inline AND sidewinder, and two Long-can anglewinders. Please advise !

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    I believe they all will. Most popular brands do, however NSR motors do not have mounting holes.


    • Mikeinclover
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      That is not true any longer Mitch, they added motor holes a few years ago I think about 4 or 5. I have lost track now but it has been awhile now.

    • Kevan
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      NSR Evo motors do and all their long cans do.

    • Mitch58
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      I guess it's time to get some new motors.

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    The JK D3 bracket will accept the S-Can and the FK-180 long can motors. If the motor does not have screw provisions they would need to be fashioned in some other way. The new NSR motors I've been getting are drilled and tapped for screws, the earlier motors were not.
    Depending on what performance you are looking for the Predator motors have been excellent and very well priced. 18K RPM S-Can and 17.5K RPM FK-180.
    Ayton, ON Canada


    • 6666hotrod
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      Funny you mentioned that, Brad : my last two projects, have Predator 17.5 Long-Can (which I love), and Predator 25K S-Can, which I like, too. My previous to that uses a Predator 18K. My first 'Build uses a Piranha 21.5 S-Can, which I think is a great motor, so my next one is gonna use a Piranha ball-bearing 25K motor, which I'm ordering this Thursday. Either that one, or one of the Slot.It motors, is likely The Motor, I'm REALLY LOOKING FOR !!

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    Motor screw placement is a pretty standard thing. There may be a motor brand out there that uses a different location but every one I have ever used has always been the same.
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