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If you could only have one chassis…..

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  • If you could only have one chassis…..

    If you could only have one chassis under all your cars what would it be?

    ps, I know one type won’t really fit all but play along anyway.

    pps, there are no wrong answers here
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    Scratchbuilt brass and steel custom made for the model in question.

    See? One size fits all


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      Well there you go, the exception to the rule. Love it!

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    A good bet is the HRS or HRS 2 chassis.


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      Probably something similar to what Dennis Sampson builds. I've had several come through here in proxy cars. Due to motor/gear choices they have not always been the fastest on the track, but they have always been the most pleasant to drive.


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        My own
        Peterborough Ont


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          For me it would have to be a Slot-it chassis. One of the few chassis I can tune to perform decently.


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            If time was not an issue a brass and steel chassis would be my preference. The enjoyment of creating something from some metal stock is priceless, especially when it performs well.
            Ayton, ON Canada


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              ABSOLUTELY : You NAILED That !!

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            Scaleauto with it's latest iteration as seen under the C7R R or RS Series cars. Those are proxy winners and I'd put one under anything...
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              More top 10 top 5 finishes with these chassis
              Click image for larger version

Name:	65B5A13F-D7A0-44E4-8E5A-D2019F9588F4.jpg
Views:	172
Size:	3.06 MB
ID:	146943
              Click image for larger version

Name:	CB4DFE03-75FC-45E5-83D7-A3389DC894E5.jpg
Views:	170
Size:	3.05 MB
ID:	146944
              Click image for larger version

Name:	07CFF296-A576-4269-B484-47328F887BD9.jpg
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Size:	3.06 MB
ID:	146945
              The Jester

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                I like the Scale Racing chassis. It has weight down low, so it holds the track well, it's adjustable and supports different motor pods. It is supposed t be a replacement for the chassis, but I found it works nicely to upgrade some of the toy brands. I am currently using a Scale Racing chassis in a Scalextric Mustang and will be using them to replace the chassis of some Carrera DTM cars. The only real downside is body mounts can be a challenge.
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                  Who makes this chassis?


                • Bal r 14
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                  Scale Racing is the company's name. They are sold here:
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                Thunderslot chassis for me. Minimal tuning, glue/true the tires and you have a winner.