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Ninco Lamborghini Murcielago Axle dilemma

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  • Ninco Lamborghini Murcielago Axle dilemma

    Hello slotcar fans, I recently bought an oldie but goodie. Its from Ninco Lightning line. A Lamborghini Murcielago Blancpain. Right away I noticed that this car has the tyres too inboard. It looks horrible. Obviously it needs a slightly longer axle to the front and rear. This will vastly improve the handling as well. I estimate the axle to be as much as 0,5 cm maybe a little less too short. The tyres need to sit flush with the bodywork of the car. Aside from searching Ninco parts , My question is how do you obtain a longer axle ? Is something from a different manufacturer a solution and compatible ?

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    Changing axles with a car that has plastic wheels is not going to be easy. I am not familiar with older Ninco cars, but the ends of the axle may be knurled, in that case once you pull off the wheels the axle holes are likely to be enlarged. The stock wheels might have to be glued on and might end up with a significant wobble. You would also have to deal with the gear. Chances are that all of the Ninco cars used the same length axle with the wheels being different widths. If the ends of the Ninco axles are not knurled things might be easier, however Ninco uses axles that are bigger in diameter than the more or less standard 3/32nd size. If you bought aftermarket insert wheels those would need to be reamed out to fit the Ninco axles. You might be able to find inserts to match the original wheels otherwise you would have to cut down the plastic wheels and use those as inserts. Possibly the stock Ninco tires would not fit on the aftermarket wheels, you would have to find aftermarket tires that are the correct OD. The expensive cure is to buy aftermarket insert wheels, replace the axle with a standard one, and also replace the axle bearings, gear and tires.
    Some people turn down the ends of the stock axles so aftermarket wheels will fit. You might be able to find aftermarket tires that are wider than the stock Ninco ones but still fit on the wheels.


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      I think this car may have the "pro" axles, gear, bushings and wheels. Are the wheels, set screw aluminum wheels? The axles would be 3/32", which is the standard sizing for most 1/32 slot cars. You should be able to put in a axle and your wheels would fit. I had a Ninco Lightning car that had the "pro" axles and I had to replace the rear axle because of the wearing of the axle. It is the only axle that I can remember of wearing out on any slot car. I guess I didn't lube the axle often enough because I was having too much fun driving the car. The normal size axle on a Ninco car was 2.5mm. These cars would have press on wheels and plastic spur gear. The Lightning cars that came with aluminum wheels and aluminum rear spur gear would have a 3/32" axle.

      Jim W
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