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Can motor connectior-wire be fixed ?

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  • Can motor connectior-wire be fixed ?

    Searches not getting me anywhere. Maybe I just don't quite know to describe my problem. The two connector prongs that are physically On The End Of The Mabuchi (Plafit Fox IV) Can !! .....well, one COMPLETELY broke off ! So now, there is nowhere to connect a lead wire to that side. Can this somehow be fixed, or is the motor now ready for the trash dumpster ??

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    Sometimes you can get solder to stick to what's left in the slot using liquid flux then try and get the lead wire to stick to it! Failing that not much else can be done.


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      Thank you.


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        If you use liquid flux, be sure it's rosin flux, not an acid.


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          I have had this happen a couple of times. I used flux and was able to solder wire to the remaining stub. From that point forward I left this wire attached and when changing it out, I just snipped the wire leaving 1/2 inch permanently connected.

          If the commuter lead has broken off deep in the housing the motor can still be salvaged. Remove the end bell and you can see how this copper is one continuous piece right to the commuter brushes. You can drill the plastic end piece to accept a round wire and then solder this closer to the commuter brush and then thread the wire through the hole you drilled. Opening up the can will render this unacceptable for proxy racing, but the motor can still be used on your home track. If you screw up the motor at this point, oh well. The only other option was the garbage anyway.
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            I appreciate your help, which also makes me better understand The Motor, and It's Workings !!