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Betta and True Scale help.

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  • Betta and True Scale help.

    Hoping I can get some hopefully quick advice, so I can get an Order submitted : can fellow hobbyist's please tell me where I can purchase True Scale brand 1/32 scale bodies, and Betta brand 1/32 scale bodies, from a U.S. seller ? Professor Motor supposedly sells them, but I see nothing but 1/24 scale bodies on their site. NCP Hobbies offers one body, with no photo of it. I've gotta be missing something, here ! Again, help with this, please.

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    I doubt you will find any retail stores in the USA that carry these brands. TrueScale has not been manufacturing bodies for a while now, and Betta have never had representation on this side of the pond as far as I know. However, sooner of is may have personal stashes and might be able to help with specific models, so let us know what you are looking for, you never know.
    Dennis Samson

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      Thanks, to Dennis Samson. Any advice, folks, on a U.S. brand of clear, PETG, PVC, or even Lexan bodies, that are of comparable quality, to True Scale and Betta ?? Would like a Can Am body, a C5 or C6 Corvette body, and an early 60's NASCAR, either Ford, or Pontiac !


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        As Dennis mentions above, the bodies from Truescale have not been produced in a while, and I do not know of a US based shop that carries the Betta & Classic can order directly from Betta & Classic (UK), experience in dealing with them has always been positive.

        Electric Dreams (CA) do have a few 1/32 "repro" clear PETG bodies listed on their site

        Chris Walker


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