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Pod & chassis float….test & test!

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  • Pod & chassis float….test & test!

    We raced Can Am last night….our quickest class. Always dominated by Slot it and Thunderslots. Last night a couple of racers decided to run the beautiful Slot it Chaparral 2E cars which have always been about 1sec slower then the quick cars (12.5 sec laps). Float has always been about the same as the quick cars. So we worked on them a little before qualifying. Chassis snugged up….12.2sec…..pod adjusted to about 1/2 turn…..11.9sec…….pod with very little float much less then the Slot it Mclaren and Thunderslots….11.5sec. Tried the same thing on the Thunder slots and Slot it Mclarens that had our usual general float settings and they got slower and slower. I guess we have gotten lazy over the years, but if want quick test and test. I realize the redundancy of this post for many of you….As so many have said before on this forum…..every car is different. As a side note, the wing on the 2E adds about.4 sec. a lap.

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    You can spend hours tuning a car and never hit on the perfect combination. Two seemingly identical cars may need somewhat different settings. When a Chaparral 2E was entered in the Can Am proxy several years ago I was surprised by how well it ran. Almost all of my cars with pods have some float, but I have two Alfa 33/3s with the pods locked down and those have been race winners.


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      It seems the short wheelbase cars like the pod with no float.

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    I found you can reduce the impact of the wing by lowering it some.