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2nd project of the year

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  • 2nd project of the year

    I bought 2 of these Alan Green Camaro's off of silberpfeil. Thanks Mark
    Decided I was gonna do a "rework" on one of them as Harry did a few years ago.
    I am hoping for some improvements . I plan on going all the way with this one, as I love Pioneer cars.
    This is the car I will be doing.
    More pictures to follow as I make progress.
    Eric Foster
    Port Republic Va

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    only really to issues with those cars and both are easy fix the guild and wheels.
    THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
    Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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      Had some time today to finish the camaro
      All my parts came from Slot Car Corner
      rear bushings-Slotting plus victor ll aluminum and glued in with shoe goo
      front bushings- Used the factory Pioneer rear bushings the car came with
      guide- slotting plus
      axles- Slot it rear, front Pioneer
      Motor- slot it (very smooth)
      Wheels rear cbd 15x8 with pgt
      front cbd 15x7 silicone
      Kept the dpr option available
      I sanded the entire edge of the chassis to get float
      I also swapped out the front grill and headlights to get the hideaways. (Huge fan of these,...makes the car stand out)
      Car performs like a dream. Now gotta get a mustang up to par.
      Eric Foster
      Port Republic Va


      • Silberpfeil
        Silberpfeil commented
        Editing a comment
        Glad it's being put to great use!

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      Came out nice.
      I have the green version, great cars.


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        Thank you William
        I just like to make things look a little different.
        Eric Foster
        Port Republic Va


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          Agreed, Thanks for the scoop Eric,
          the orange Dana car got dropped off here today,
          Nice car Jules,



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            Thank you Paul.
            Yeah, Jules is the man. Great cars
            The orange Dana Camaro is a real beauty. I cant wait to see their version of the Cuda. I had better start saving some money now!!!!!!!!!
            Eric Foster
            Port Republic Va