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FLY vs NSR home track solo event.

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  • FLY vs NSR home track solo event.

    After a quick tire and guide upgrade on the Fly GT-40 I did a 30 lap test run, then for comparison cleaned the tires on my C6 NSR. Wow big upset for today the little Fly takes the Fast time of the day! 2.2 for Fly 2.24 for NSR. Huge difference putting some new tires and a better guide on this car.

    Click image for larger version

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    As a fellow solo racer I appreciate you posting this. My Le Mans series (World Sportscar Championship Series) is composed of mostly Fly classics and they run very well against Scalextric, MRRC, and one Carrera Porsche 917K. I don't have any NSR cars, but there are some Slot.It cars in the Can Am series where a Fly 917/10 has come out on top many times.


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      Solo events can be fun too. Treat yourself to an NSR sometime, I’ve only got the one but it’s really an amazing car. I’m not sure if it’s the tires, the motor, the chassis, I guess it’s the combination but it just flys effortlessly around my track. They Flys cars I have are tough completion though, they do give the expensive car so thing to work for.

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    Mag or magless runs?
    Kevan - Isle of Man
    Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...


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    Is the NSR sidewinder or anglewinder?
    On my smallish track, I found an anglewinder NSR to be extremely overpowered for the track. A Baby King calmed it down and made it much more driveable.
    Same with a sidewinder NSR with the 25,000 Shark. Too much power. I tamed it down with an orange Slot It motor.
    Lower powered Flys can excel on a shorter track against higher powered cars.


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      WB2 Mine is a sidewinder with the 25,000 Shark motor. It’s a handful but fun, faster than anything else I’ve got, but it’s fun to tune up the others and see how they do against the NSR times. The NSR with a few more laps to warm up would do a little better, the Fly is giving me all it’s got for now. I put in a slotting guide and that really made the Fly handle my track better.
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