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  • Slot it LMP guides

    I was wondering if anyone on here has come up with a alternative to the stock Slot it LMP guides. I would really like to try a wood guide in one of mine if anyone has any ideas.


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    I use slot it deep wood guides on our club track. They seem to have good slop adjustability and are longer than the stock guides. Longer is better for predictable tracking and stability coming out of the turns.
    Make sure to measure the slot depth of your track(s) as you may have to sand the blade to adjust to a less than deep enough groove. Even if this is the case the extra length makes it worthwhile.


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    here you go, as mentioned above, you may need to shave some off the bottom so as to not drag on the bottom of the slot


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      Thanks for the input guys, I will try that. I didn't know if anyone had tried a guide adapter like the Carrera cars to replace the whole assembly. I may just switch to a NSR LMP car so its easier to modify to my tastes.


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        A normal guide won't work on the Slot.It LMP cars because of the low angle of the front of the car. The wires on a normal guide would not allow the low front unless it was moved back (not ideal). But designing a new style guide, they're able to keep the guide near the front of the car. Admittedly, they're a pain to work with, but it does allow for a better handling car.