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  • RMS Resins info !

    Hi, hobbyists : wondering if someone can guide me to, How and Where do you purchase RMS Resins 1/32 bodies ??

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    Dave Reinecke stopped making bodies when he developed an allergy to the resin. I thought that someone had taken over the business, but I was not able to find anything with a Google search.


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      He has sold the business. Most are now on eBay.


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        Thank you, Harry !

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      Good morning. As noted, I’ve had to stop casting, but never ended up selling the business.

      A club in VA has been gifted the masters to start casting for club use with rights to sell once they get their casting going. I have a note to reach out to them to see where that is all at.

      There are numerous casters doing similar things on eBay now as well as 3D printers on there too, so you should have lots of options for cars.


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        Thank you, and I wish you Well !

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      One more RESIN BODIES Question (?) ... Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced alternative to RMS Resins, with similar quality, as I am admittedly hesitant about trying resins ??


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        I have several RMS bodies, they are top quality with only minor trimming needed around the window openings. I also have bodies from other makers that were also very nice. I just looked over the links to resin casters that I have saved and found only a couple that do 1/32nd bodies. A few makers have fallen by the wayside. I lost some of my links when my computer crashed last year, perhaps other readers will recommend some good casters.
        I suspect that 1/32 resin bodies are harder to find because they are often derived from model kit bodies and that scale is not as popular as 1/24th or 1/64th.


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          6666hotrod it depends on what sort of bodies you are interested in. John Warren (Munter on SFI) does lovely work, and Phil Kalbfell has Tassie Resins which are very nice kits, although they can be a bit spendy. They don't do TransAm much, or other US cars but sports and GT are nice.
          A few internet searches will find several makers. They aren't all as nice as RMS cars, but it's all about what you want to pay and what sort of car you want to build.
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            Look into George Turner resins. Doesn’t get much better quality.


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              See if you can find Bruce Kinder online. Last I heard, he was trying to buy Dave's business.


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                I guess, I should ask, what era or type of car are you wanting to build?

       does a variety of saloons, sedans, old old F1 and a few trucks
       Has many bodies and then you can add your parts and motors from our vendors here
                protoslot has a ton of Italian cars

                munter, a member here makes some INCREDIBLE castings very limited and they go quick.

                Racer, has a few resin castings and complete kits that can still be found. They are overscale and you may need to find or piece together parts to add detail now that those parts are starting to dry up. I picked up this resin kit for Christmas
                Click image for larger version

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                Now I’m searching for a painter, I have big plans for this one.
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                  I have not been doing much casting for the last 2 years, so Tassie Resins is in hibernation.
                  I found casting was just taking up too much time and my own builds were suffering.
                  Much easier these days to use the great 3d files and print bodies.


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                    Could you advise me on The Basics you need to know, before buying a 3d printed body ? : I know not much about them.