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1/32 scale motor chart?

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  • 1/32 scale motor chart?

    So this may have come up before but has anyone created a comprehensive guide to the different types of 1/32 scale motors? I mean something that show pictures of different types like 130, FK-130 sizes, 16D Slim Can, Long Can types, NC2, Johnson, Pirhana, Mabuchi, Pitman, Parms Death Star as well as cross references? I'm sure I'm mixing types of motors with manufacturers so hopefully someone has done most of the work .

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    Has not been updated in awhile, but a very good list. Been around for years.

    Slot Car News Motor List

    Not much on the commercial motors. Mostly dealing with our 1/32.


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      Thanks Harry! The go to Motor reference for slotters!
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        Yep we all use that database - thanks to Robert and all who put it together,
        What you can do for theory comparison at least, is compare motors not on the chart, by calculating the wattage if needed from the manufacturers specification.
        The new NSR and motors for instance, declare both the rpm and the g/cm torque specification.
        From there you can just use a simple spreadsheet to insert those values, and it calculates the wattage for you, to compare with the motors in the database.
        eg NSR Shark 21.5k Short can motor (FC style) to suit any application where FC130 mabuchi style motors are used
        21,500rpm 164g/cm @ 12v
        Some resellers actually provide the wattage number anyway (for this motor it is 8.82 watts. But when they don't you can calculate it yourself using this

        It looks like this, just replace the RPM and torque numbers in the pre-filled examples with those of your motor.
        Click image for larger version

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          Here are some pictures.