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Jeff Stillwell's "Glen" Track For Sale

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  • Jeff Stillwell's "Glen" Track For Sale

    ​ Jeff Stillwell, known to his friends as "Homer", called me a few days ago. He and I go back close on 30 years (doesn't seem like it). I used to visit his basement racing center back when I was commuting to a contract job in the Atlanta area. Jeff lives in Marietta, a suburb of same.

    The saga of Stillwell Enterprises is a long and interesting one. A chapter of it would be dedicated to the HO oval track I routed for him. But that story can be told another time.

    He had been very, very deep into HO, and had several large tracks devoted to same. But then he got into 1/32nd, and typically jumped into it with both feet. He built a HUGE track inspired by Watkins Glen.

    Well, Jeff has decided to sell said track to make room for HO again. Not an easy thing to sell, as you might guess.

    Anyway, I got him to send me some photos of the track with the idea I'd post them and try to drum up some interest. See below.

    If you do have an interest, you can contact Jeff at [email protected].

    Ed Bianchi

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Overall Track.jpg
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Name:	West End.jpg
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Name:	East End.jpg
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Name:	Long Chicane.jpg
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Name:	Long Esses.jpg
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Name:	Pits.jpg
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    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA

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    Typo corrected - the images are NOT visible for me. I'm using a Windows HP computer with Google browser.
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      no images here----------Ed


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        Nothing here either.


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          Shouldn't this be in the "for sale" section????
          Dickie Pearson
          Canterbury, NH

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            Dunno why the photos failed. Funny thing, they showed up on my desktop iMac, but not on my MacBook Pro laptop. Seem to be working now. Go back to the original post and see if you can see the photos now. Let me know if you still can't. Double-click on a photo to see them larger as a slideshow. There is a total of 7 photos but one is a duplicate. I'm not going to try to eliminate the duplicate to avoid creating any further issues.
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            Ed Bianchi
            York Pennsylvania USA


            • slothead
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              Yes, I can see the photos now. Very nice track. If I can convince my wife that we need to spend our retirement funds on building a huge addition to put it in I might make an offer.

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            Incredible track!


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              Now that is a track!!
              Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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                Wow! Incredible trackπŸ‘πŸ»


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                  Wow, jumped in with both feet is an understatement. The workmanship and details are stunning. I would love to have the space for something like that.
                  Ayton, ON Canada


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                    One change I would make...

                    The location of the drivers' stations probably makes it difficult to see the far hairpin. I would implement an idea I saw at a HOCOC track -- creating a separate free-standing long panel for the drivers' stations, attached to the track by only a long cable. One that could be moved far enough from the track that all drivers will have an unobstructed view of the whole track.

                    Just the same, this track is so big just seeing the cars at the extremes could be an issue.
                    Ed Bianchi
                    York Pennsylvania USA


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                      Awesome track! What's the footprint of it? I doubt we have the space, but...
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                        Beautiful track. hopefully a club or an individual will have room to get this. I would love to see my proxy entries run on this track.
                        Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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                          Is there a footprint estimate on this astounding work of art? Ed


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                            I just called Jeff Stillwell this morning. He tells me the track measures 16-1/2 feet by 34 feet overall. He also pointed me to a Facebook Marketplace listing he made for the track.


                            While the price he listed is, in my opinion, quite fair
                            given the size and quality of the track -- truly professional -- Jeff is motivated to sell, and ready to negotiate. He has been trying to sell the track for a while now and he really wants to find it a new, good home.

                            Jeff lives in Marietta Georgia USA. I'm in York Pennsylvania USA -- about 750 miles away. Nonetheless I am considering making the trip just to see Jeff again and turn some laps on this track while it is still there.

                            We also discussed the possibility of Jeff hosting a race on the track. If that's the case, you must believe I'll be there!
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                            Ed Bianchi
                            York Pennsylvania USA