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  • NSR AMG tuning tips

    Hi, just building up 2 x NSR AMG slot cars, any tips please ?. I race on wooden routed tracks

    1 - building 25k shark SW with standard chassis. Chassis feels way too flexible, ive strengthened the pod, but not sure if i should strengthen the chassis also ? Was going to use very little weight, maybe just a bit just in front of the motor, will this be enough or will the front wheels pop up ?

    2 - ive got a green extra hard chassis and was going to build up a AW to race on a big 8 lane magna braid track. Was thinking red, blue slotting plus (mag downforce), Scaleauto Sprinter 300gr or the NSR 21 King motor. The NSR 21 King motor I usually find a bit too much motor and basically can only get moslers to run very well but was thinking of maybe trying the AMG. What sort of weight setup for AW AMG please ? I usually brace the rear of my AW

    Ive put 4 x NSR grub screws in the chassis holes for the body to rock on. I set them only about 1mm high. Would 17mm fronts be ok to get max width on the front, or will i need to go down to 16mm. Speaking of fronts, ive been applying 2 coats of glue to the front tyres and smoothing. Tyres are rock hard, not sure if this is good or not ? maybe go for some zero grips ? Do you need a bit of flex in the rubber ?

    Thank you

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    1) check out the GT3 Proxy series, you may find answers there.

    2). If racing on magna braid, and rules permit, run this motor in SW configuration and put weight on the nose of both car #1 and #2

    regarding fronts you will need to test to see what works for you. Good luck and keep us posted on your results.
    The Jester

    Soxside (Chicago)


    • r377
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      Thanks brumos. Going to test out those 2 pirana 22k motors you sent me in some classic cars prob 908 and t/slot.

      been following the gt3 series, always look out for the silver car !

    • Pappy
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      You'll like the Piranha 22K motors but don't waste your time with a 25K Piranha motor, too torquey. The 25K Predator is an excellent motor.

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    I would try the blue chassis for that car on a wood track. We just got done running the NSR nationals and the was definitely the chassis to use.
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    • r377
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      Interesting - Blue is soft

    • Mikeinclover
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      That is exactly what I thought when they wanted me to bring in the blue chassis but it was a definite advantage for many of the cars.

    • r377
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      Thanks for the tip, I wonder if soft flexible chassis are the way to go with other cars too ? Thunderslot seem way too soft and bendy but seem to work

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    Be sure to run a wood guide , I like slotting + but the NSR wood guide looks good..

    I would also run independent fronts.

    There is a long can BRM super EVO motor that has lots of mag downforce .

    Be sure to get the car as close to the track as possible.
    Courtney Smith
    Chattanooga TN