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Hubless wheels and setscrews

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  • Hubless wheels and setscrews

    I searched and could not find my answer even tho I'm sure I seen it here somewhere. I'm getting ready to glue some urethane tires on hubless wheels with the setscrew hole nearer the middle of the wheel. With tires glued on and hole so far from edge, how do you get to setscrew? I think I've seen posts about installing a hole thru tire to match up with setscrew. And if so, how is it done and how well does tire hold up with a hole in it? or do I just leave the tire unglued in that area?
    Rick Davis
    Williamsburg Va.

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    Never had any issues with putting hole in the tire. I just use the same wrench as the setscrew.
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      I have been drilling holes in tires for many years, with no issues whatsoever............lots of our local area club guys have also been doing the same thing, all with no issues.

      I use a small diameter cone shaped diamond burr in a Dremel to drill the holes.........urethane, modern and vintage rubber.

      Chris Walker

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        Originally posted by QARAD4 View Post
        ... I think I've seen posts about installing a hole...
        Do they come in packets? how do you know when you've got hold of one...and how do you fix it in place

        Kevan - Isle of Man
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        If those are .90 set screws, you just need to jab the tool bit through the tire.


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          Thanks guys, you too Kevan
          Rick Davis
          Williamsburg Va.


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            Just use a needle to make the hole then insert your tool. It is best to use a driver that is the same size as the set screw some tool's have a large shank that will stretch out the hole. Don't use the tool to make the hole it will make the hole far to big.
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              Agree with Mike. Using a hex driver to make a hole in the tire does so by tearing the tire. In some (not all) instances, this tear will propagate and affect the tire's performance. Use a darning needle (or similar) - you will get a much cleaner hole and have fewer problems.

            • QARAD4
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              I like the needle idea

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            I also make a hole with a needle before I use a wrench. It is best to use a wrench that does not have a thick shank.