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  • Scalextric replacement screws

    The Scalextric 1:32 Jaguar set I purchased has had a couple of issues and I've had to remove the body a couple of times. The tailpipes in the back always threaten to break if I unscrew them to the point of removing them, so I have left them nestled in there as they can still be fully unscrewed (but rattling in the tube). Of course I was distracted today when both cars had different issues (both related to my own handiwork putting in the Slottechnik digital chips) and while they didn't come out then I lost both in the span of about 20 minutes while trying to put on the other screws. Now looking for useful info both on Scalextric's site, searching here and elsewhere, and I still can't tell what size screws I need to replace them. I know they can be vendor specific, but I can't tell if they are model-specific, and in any case I don't know what to do to go forward on them. I have a digital caliper but of course that display has now gone on the fritz. Does anyone know the answer to this? Based on the rear design I might as well get a bag of them.
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    Hello Bill,

    These will do the trick. Note part of the shank is smooth which promotes better body "float" than a conventional screw with threads along the entire length of the shank.

    SCCrews M2.3x6mm
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      Thank you! I'll order some up in the morning. I appreciate your reply!