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Paul Gage Tires for Carrera Mustang GTY cars, 2020, 2021?

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  • Paul Gage Tires for Carrera Mustang GTY cars, 2020, 2021?

    These cars have huge wheels - 19.5mm rims, 7mm ribs, and 25mm ODs. Can't find anything on SlotCarCorner's website that matches. Anyone know the magic part number?

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    Rex , I don't have one of the Gty Mustangs yet, but I remembered a guy posted about this on the Carrera Digital NA page on facebook a few months back. I found the post and he said PGT21138XLM fit pretty good with a slight modification. He said you have to file down the inner sidewall a bit. He said they aren't perfect, but a big upgrade over stock. He posted a pic of the car and they look good to me.

    Someone else said MJK makes silicones that are a perfect fit also, but I believe they are in Australia and not sure if they ship to the US. I know MJK makes urethane tires to, but don't know if they make them for that car.
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      I used the Paul Gage PGT-20128LMXD with good results. Not a direct fit but once you stretch them on and true them they work very well and way better then stock. Hope that helps!


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        Thanks folks! I love these cars, and they desperately want for good tires. Will try out the two sizes and see what works better.


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          Hi, I'm curious to know if someone can finally say there is a definite Paul Gage tire fit for the GTY without any filing/alterations? Thanks!


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            Welcome to the HRW Forum. Paul Gage does not offer a tire specifically designed to fit the Carrera Mustang GTY nor does he have any plans to do so. For existing PG tires, the 20128LMXD mentioned earlier (see Ragtopman's post) is the "best" option current available. Anyone deciding to go this route should stick to the PGT compound as it is more tolerant of being stretched way beyond the application the tire was originally intended for. Here is a link to an earlier thread on the same subject - in particular, note post #28 by Gipper.

            Carrera Mustang GTY Tire Fitment

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