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Paul Gage Tires for Carrera Mustang GTY cars, 2020, 2021?

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  • Paul Gage Tires for Carrera Mustang GTY cars, 2020, 2021?

    These cars have huge wheels - 19.5mm rims, 7mm ribs, and 25mm ODs. Can't find anything on SlotCarCorner's website that matches. Anyone know the magic part number?

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    Rex , I don't have one of the Gty Mustangs yet, but I remembered a guy posted about this on the Carrera Digital NA page on facebook a few months back. I found the post and he said PGT21138XLM fit pretty good with a slight modification. He said you have to file down the inner sidewall a bit. He said they aren't perfect, but a big upgrade over stock. He posted a pic of the car and they look good to me.

    Someone else said MJK makes silicones that are a perfect fit also, but I believe they are in Australia and not sure if they ship to the US. I know MJK makes urethane tires to, but don't know if they make them for that car.
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      I used the Paul Gage PGT-20128LMXD with good results. Not a direct fit but once you stretch them on and true them they work very well and way better then stock. Hope that helps!


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        Thanks folks! I love these cars, and they desperately want for good tires. Will try out the two sizes and see what works better.