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Revoslot wheelbase dimensions anyone?

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  • Revoslot wheelbase dimensions anyone?

    I have a Revo Porche 911 GT2, and it is a stubby little thing. Since removing the magnets from my Carrera cars, I've improved my no-mag racing, but I have discovered the characteristics of cars I like to drive, and they tend to have a longer wheelbase. The Revo Porsche is very short, shorter than my Carrera Audi R8 and Lambo Hurricans. It also seems to have a relatively high center of gravity. On the Attleboro speedway, which has a number of Carrera #1 turns, this means the Porche is more likely to roll over than step out. When accelerating down the main straights, it tends to skitter and doesn't settle down like almost every other car I've got, despite the Revo tires being the stickiest of anything I own.

    I'm supposed to keep this thing "stock" for our local club races, so weights are out.

    I've seen Revo Marcos in person, and they don't look much longer, but based on pictures it looks like the Revo Mercedes and Ferrari F40 would necessarily be longer. Anyone out there have all 3 for a comparison?

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    Results from Google search

    Wheelbase Info

    RevoSlot Marcos LM600 - 76mm
    Porsche 911 GT2 - 74mm
    Ferrari F40 - 75mm
    Steve - Connecticut, USA - Team HRW


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      Keep working on your driving with the Gt2's - they are short, but they are a blast to drive once you get the hang of them. Look for Scott's (War eagle river) video tutorial on things you can do to quiet down Revo's. Not only do they run quieter after you follow his suggestions, but they're smoother running as well, making them easier to drive, Good luck!



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        Click image for larger version

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        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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          Now that's a useful chart

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          I have several 996/997 based models from different makers and they always seem to be the most difficult to tame. They are tall, have a short wheelbase and have considerable mass behind the rear wheels. They certainly don't handle like the real ones.


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            They handle like 911s of old until tuned in my opinion.
            The Jester

            Soxside (Chicago)


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              I had a 66 911S many years ago and I believe you are right on.

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              As a youngster I recall riding in my fathers friends 930 Turbo - he introduced me to the term "Widowmaker" - these Revos act exactly as that 930 did!