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  • Sunday Slot Car Fun

    I have been doing this show, "Sunday Slot Car Fun" for a while now but it's still pretty new.

    I have been in show business for over 50 years now. I have done all kinds of things such as Spock's ears to creatures for GhostBusters and more. I have been a sculpture, visual effects creator, model maker, prop maker, and filmmaker. I have also been an actor and played aliens and monsters in movies.

    I started with slot cars in the early 60's with my dad. He was a full sized driver too and I grew up around some great divers he was friends with and racing. When he died in 1966 I stopped racing slot cars and moved on but years later after my late wife passed in 2013 I took up slot cars again. It was always in my heart. I bought my first track from Electric Dreams and never looked back.

    Today I have a film studio in Ventura where I still build and make models and creatures. But I have also started making my own slot cars from scratch. I built a T73 Cooper entirely from scratch and now I'm making a Cooper T51. Both these cars will be garage kits available soon with more to follow. It's wonderful to tinker together these small models that actually run and race. They are wonders.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG-2541.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.43 MB ID:	134171

    I belong to the local club, "The FarrOut Slot Car Club" where we have races twice a month at various tracks around the LA area.

    I thought I'd start a thread for what I'm doing with my slot cars here if it's appropriate. I read the rules and it seems like it is.

    Here's the latest show for this Sunday.

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    Great video!
    Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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      All slot car reporting is interesting to us
      Matt B
      So. In


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        Nice video Steve. Good to hear from someone who is re-discovering the hobby.
        l like the bugeye. I'm impressed that you built your own chassis for it as it's quite a small car.
        Scott C.
        Amherst, WI
        Just "a simple kind of man".


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          Hi Steve! Long time admirer of your work. We probably know some of the same folks (SPFX Model builders) but have never met in person to my knowledge. Been 30 years since I lived on the West Coast. Model building and slot cars seem to go hand in hand. I meet many at Plastic Modeling conventions and meets. It was a fellow plastic modeler who got me back into the hobby after a 10 year break.
          I get paid to build models, race slot cars, and travel to museums.


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            You guys are very kind. Thank you!


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              I just subscribed to your channel. More to watch while working. I really like your track decor, maybe it will inspire me to improve mine.


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                Originally posted by Michael Squier View Post
                I just subscribed to your channel. More to watch while working. I really like your track decor, maybe it will inspire me to improve mine.
                Thank you I'm still working on mine. I'm going to paint a back drop for it soon and hang some poster art I've done myself. It's so much fun and I enjoy seeing everyones work in this wonderful hobby. Please post here when you have a chance.


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                  Here's some pieces I'm working on for posters for my walls around my track. T hese are all hand painted in Photoshop and Illustrator.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Alfa T 33 color poster-slots-small.jpg
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ID:	134224 Click image for larger version

Name:	McClaren with track-copy.jpg
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ID:	134225 Click image for larger version

Name:	917-Hot Slot layers final-Proof-Jpeg.jpg
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ID:	134226 Click image for larger version

Name:	1970-lotus-europa proof3.jpg
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ID:	134227

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                    Here's a short review of controller holders.

                    Slot Car accessories from

                    I got to say these controller holders are just perfect for your track. I have tried many things to keep my controllers from popping off and hitting the floor but these are perfect. They fit these Ninco controllers I use on this Scalextric track perfectly.

                    These were sent to me in record time. The company is really responsible and communicates well. Couldn’t be more happy with them!

                    Check out their products.



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                      Totally enjoyed the video - subscribed!



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                        Originally posted by slowshoes View Post
                        Totally enjoyed the video - subscribed!

                        Thank you!


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                          BTW here is my YouTube channel where you can learn more about my long career and the studio.


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                            The latest on my true scratch build T51 Cooper. Body and frame all from scatch.


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                              Very cool, subscribed!
                              Mike - Galena Ohio

                              "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal