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  • Carrera Capri guide upgrade

    I’ve been messing with my Zackspeed Capri from Carrera since last December and I’m finally getting it to run well. One of its problems is those overly complicated guide systems Carrera has. I decided to swap it out with a CG bolt in adapter and guide kit. The adapter is very well made and it a snug fit. I had to shave down the mounting posts on the chassis almost 1/8” to get the guide down were it should be but that’s fine, I won’t be putting the old one back in. After installing tests runs show that it’s a great improvement. Rear slide that would have left the track before just hang on now and the front used to bounce on the old braids going down the back straight, now it ride smoothly in the flat braids and guide. This is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.
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    Forgot to add, I made it so the bottom of the adapter is just shy of flush with the chassis bottom. This leaves room for shims. At fist I had a .020 shim but it didn’t let the tires touch enough for me. Swapped in a .010 and now they just skim the track. Another advantage to the conversion, there is now rom to put in a solid axe if you like on the Capri. The origin unit got in the way so Carrera used stub axels, the split axel is nice in theory but the short stub axels are a little floppy.
    its also 3 grams lighter if that matters to anyone.


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      Nice review. Good to have a easy to get replacement guide system these days.


      • Michael Squier
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        Yes it is nice, the guys at CH make a few different versions for a Carrera and also Scalextric. I just don’t understand the reason for the complex guides.

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      Yep well done!


      • Michael Squier
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        Thanks, I have you and your site here to thank for inspiring me to get all I can get out these underdog cars. This Capri was a bit of a dud when I got it. Now it’s dusting my Camaro and Mustang. Watching your reviews and project videos really gives me lots of ideas.