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  • Cheap-skate wheel inserts

    While messing around with a recently bought Carrera stocker I decided I wanted slightly smaller diameter wheels so that I could fit wider axles and locate the wheels almost the same width as the body. One option was to use the same wheels with lower profile tyres but I'm not too keen on this contemporary look on a late 60's early 70's stocker. My 2nd option was 15.8 plastic hubs with resin inserts by munter and he's supplied me with more than a few, especially steel wheel inserts, over time. I mostly use these plastic wheels on these jobs because they're cheap and I'm cheap and they work fine for the type of racing I do. I took a munter insert and glued it in a hub and took a mould from it. Can't remember what the mould material was 'cos I made it a while ago and my memory fades a bit these days. Anyway, I recently bought some of this new fangled UV resin and wondered if I could use it for inserts. Better than that I figured was to make them in the hubs. I removed about 1mm from the interior bit where the axle sits and drilled a couple of 3mm holes in the hubs and one lets the resin in while the other lets the air out. I'll let the pictures finish the story. They look OK to me and racing around a track no one will see the imperfections.

    Click image for larger version

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    Boo Yah! Well done!


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      Now there’s some thinking
      Well done they look great
      Peterborough Ont


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        Front axle done and dusted; Scalex Monte Carlo tyres stretched around the hubs and still need to be trued but I like where this is going. Attacking the rear axle and stance next on the list.

        Click image for larger version

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        CHCH NZ


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          Those look really good on the car and for fronts you don't need anything more than that.
          Ayton, ON Canada


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            Nice work.....the UV resin is quite useful that way.
            Those are cheap but round wheels, I have used them on many 3DP builds.
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              Finally got around to making up a new rear axle with insert added hubs with MRRC tyres and re-stancing (shortening rear body posts) Pete Hamilton's Charger and I'm liking the look a lot. Because of the slightly smaller diameter wheels I had to chop the rear magnet pocket off the chassis as it was scraping the set up block.
              Now I'll have to do the same thing with my Donnie Allison Torino as that's had a couple of busted and re-glued wheels forever.

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