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Scalextric Grandstand Model Kit

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  • Scalextric Grandstand Model Kit

    I recently ordered the "Scalextric Grandstand" model kit from a UK supplier (could not find it here locally) since I wanted to add some more "vintage" buildings to my layout. I opted for a model kit, just for the fun of building a plastic model - which I have not done for decades. The kit is quite clever since its really a 3-in-1 model that can function as a pit building, plus a separate grandstand, or you can stack them and add a staircase and have the combined pit garage with the grandstand on top.

    It took me about 20 hours to complete the kit, and most of that is priming and spray painting the pieces since I did not like the stock colours. I also added my own sponsor decals. The model is high quality, but the instructions are simply a few exploded view diagrams, and the build is a bit tricky since you need to assemble the walls and floors and roof nice and square and plumb. So I would not count this as a beginners kit. Also, the depth of the garage is quite limited, so I did extend the front base of the garage so that cars will not hang out over the front edge of the base (see Photo 6). The kit does come with the welding tanks and fuel tower and drum, but I added the fuel hose by coiling up a short piece of black 18 AWG house wire.

    That said, I am very happy with the end result and its going to look great on my track. Here are some photos of the stock kit and my version. The driver figure is one of the Scalextric pit stop figures and does not come with the Grandstand kit. My version of the kit has Jaguar Racing as the occupant of the pit I added my Scalextric Jaguar XKR to the scene!

    I hope you enjoy the pics, Cheers RvE

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    Great job. I have a few but have not built them yet.


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      nice job
      it looks much better in your version


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        Originally posted by gt3racerich View Post
        Great job. I have a few but have not built them yet.
        I am in the same boat.

        RvE, I really like how you finished yours, it looks great.

        When I get around to building mine, I may separate the Grandstands from the Pits, I have to see. Your version has me thinking about my options.

        Again, very well done.


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          Excellent...much appreciation showing builds like this so people know what they really look like after being built!!
          TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!


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            Thanks for the compliments. I tried out the two separate buildings, but I found the combined building had more "visual interest", than the two smaller buildings. My grandstand is not glued in place, so I can separate them in the future if I choose to. I posted a pic of this building on my layout in the Scale Photos post on the main section of the forum. RvE


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              Your paint choices were spot on!!

              Always find the best part of the hobby is to build on what the manufactures offer us.

              Dundee Denny