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  • Tire size for Spider

    Want to buy Silicones or Urethanes for 1/32 Pro-Track Spyder Chassis. Tried all of my old spare rubber tires, and none of them even came close to fitting that pretty aluminum wheel. I'm almost sure the wheel is 10mm wide, but what's the correct wheel diameter ? Would be cool if I could find a Super Tires silicone to fit. Maybe Paul Gage offers a urethane, or preferably, silicone tire, to fit these wheels. Need help with this chassis' Tire Size !

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    Below is a diagram showing the critical dimensions for selecting the appropriate tires...........if you measure your wheels, the folks at Super Tires, Paul Gage, Quick Slicks etc. will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Super tires make both urethane and Silicone (their urethanes are called "Yellowdogs),....Quick Slicks make only Silicone, and Paul Gage make urethane only.

    Most of the above make various outside diameters, so , you do have some options, or, if you choose urethanes , they can easily be ground to any diameter you wish.

    Chris Walker

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      Yet another example of how this HRW Forum community, is So Great ! You are much appreciated !!